Zhoushan this weekend to enjoy the autumn sunshine day or it was ruined by the typhoon 3edyy

Zhoushan this weekend to enjoy the autumn sunshine day or by the typhoon destroyed in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, has been "Meranti" and "malakas" two typhoon destroyed. These days, and one on the news of the typhoon, people have heart trouble: 2016 No. seventeenth typhoon "catfish" will be generated. From the satellite images can be seen in the far west of the Marshall Islands, there is a large red cloud, now or typhoon "catfish" embryos, stay in that place. "It’s about 4600 kilometers away from Fujian." Zhoushan city meteorological experts said that the location of typhoon embryo "nutritious", there are plenty of water vapor, and temperature conditions, once it is generated and to the west, rapidly increased, is likely to be a big, powerful typhoon. "Catfish" future path and direction, it is difficult to predict, because of the typhoon path to guide the air flow, the subtropical high and the atmospheric circulation are closely related. But the world’s major meteorological institutions predict that it landed in China is unlikely. "Catfish" will have little impact on Zhoushan? Will it affect our National Day holiday? Is still unknown. Zhoushan City Meteorological Station preliminary estimates, "catfish" may bring external influence to Zhoushan, the influence degree of concrete, also need further analysis according to the following. While the typhoon has not come, enjoy the weekend early autumn sunshine. In September 24th, with the westward extension of subtropical high, affected by the low-level easterlies, Daocheng cloudy weather, with showers at night. 25 to 26 days, by the edge of the subtropical high, Daocheng cloudy, local showers. 27 to 28, Zhoushan is likely to be affected by the typhoon circulation, cloudy to overcast with showers. Next, is expected before the national day, Daocheng weather to see the typhoon "face".相关的主题文章: