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Yuan Shanshan ", head of " US debut; weird   sun trunk show Home Tips – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn Yuan Shanshan " Nezha head " appearance weird   sun trunk show Home Tips: people.com.cn – entertainment channel   & nbsp; 2016 09; 12 August 15:14 people.com.cn Beijing on 12 September,   (reporter Li Yan) yesterday, the popular small artistes Yuan Shanshan appeared in the ice city of Harbin opened the "warm conference" to help warm charity trip. With "Yuan Shanshan", "gongsuo bead shade The Legendary Swordsman" and many other popular hot drama by the majority of the audience familiar with. The scene of the event, her warm heart with the same warm conference complement each other, to bring fans to the scene to bring a warm feast. "Goddess trunk generous drying event, facing the crowd of enthusiastic fans, Yuan Shanshan also made every effort to repay the support, interaction, each kind of positive photo, fans and onlookers have called:" the goddess of good warm!" Yuan Shanshan said, can make you feel warm I feel particularly happy, ‘warm’ is what I want to pass on to you, it can make our life more happy". Yuan Shanshan generous to share the secret of the goddess of the trunk, to the audience to show their essential travel home "little secret", a warm, open can be turned folded cushion pillow "universal" jacket. Yuan Shanshan is also on the universal jacket, shows between the lines: "it is very convenient to carry out, sometimes when the studio filming winter wear less, rest when you put on, usually drive, aircraft, off stack pillows can do carheadrests, get off after the plane can be directly put on." Activities also extracted 4 lucky fans, Yuan Shanshan home travel with the same down jacket as a gift to them, the warmth into the entity passed on to everyone. God Goddess show collocation skill, second sales of Queen Yuan Shanshan in recent years not only in the works of God by virtue of countless harvest, "pancake man" as "one billion box office Queen" in the fashion circle is shining. In the conference site is small, the hand Professor Fan’s in autumn collocation. "Little sun" personally with fans visiting the shops, explain in autumn and winter, daily and leisure mix, collocation style and so on Xinshou pinch girl, serious and professional. Yuan Shanshan is the site for the 2 lucky fans to tailor a different style collocation, show deep collocation strength, high technical content collocation skill instantly stunning the audience, lucky fans on the spot card said to buy clothes, the host also amazed at Yuan Shanshan not only is the collocation skill terrible, Second Sales queen. "The way of uniting the real goddess" working hard in the entertainment industry for many years, Yuan Shanshan has experienced the most dangerous places. Perhaps it is because too red, perhaps because of the aura so strong, she encountered a network of violence, encountered all popular stars must be black road ", but by virtue of their own efforts to achieve a gorgeous, step by step to obtain public recognition. Independent urban women became her distinctive label in recent years相关的主题文章: