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Yu Minhong: I just did not grasp the direction of New Oriental also never mind the original title: Yu Minhong: I only grasp the direction, do not also never mind, New Oriental Education has a large part can be completed through the Internet, but only focus on improving the quality of teaching to do, to be effective, I horse news September 7th news today, new Beijing held "looking for China hit off the September summit, explore the new path of capital driven Internet education. At the meeting, chairman of New Oriental Education and technology, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong speech, he believes that there is no difference between the Internet and non internet education education, the ultimate Internet Education and traditional education must be fusion. "Whether you are Internet or ground education, a large part can be done through the Internet, but only focuses on improving the teaching quality to do, to be effective, especially the traditional institutions such as new oriental." The following is the Yu Minhong speech (by I horse cut): I on the Internet Education of the so-called new path is not recognized. I think there is basically no difference between the Internet and non internet education education, Internet Education and traditional education must be the integration of the final. Of course, there will be an educational system based solely on the Internet and modern mobile technology, including the future of virtual reality, augmented reality and other educational systems, but it is hard to say with the ground to completely split the education. Now the middle management team of New Oriental, there are about fifty or sixty out of business, many have made an impact. It can be said now China education before the 50 startups, at least ten all new oriental people doing. From this point, I think the past in the traditional field of education who do Internet education has more advantages. Also confirms what I just said, traditional education and internet education is not contradictory. Why not contradictory? One of the most important reasons is that the success of education is based on the most profound understanding of the nature, law and purpose of education. Can be said that New Oriental listed directly created a fast Chinese state in the field of education. After the listing of New Oriental, China’s education caused by the two big boom, especially the first big bang closely related with new oriental. No one thought that the training institutions can be listed, after the listing of New Oriental, suddenly capitalists, investors have found that a training institution can also be listed. So that a lot of capital into the one or two years of China’s education system, when there is no mobile education that is on the ground. The birth of the science, and then wait until the United states. This company is doing is also fast, the best one is learning and thinking, I love Zhang Bangxin, he is also very love me, we are competitive exclusion two do not say, I prefer the arts, he tends to science, we suddenly found that these two kinds of thinking have their own strengths. The ground Chinese education gradually with the Internet, Zhang Bangxing in front of me, because he is the first to do the ground education thinking in the Internet, I do not find ground education internet education do not rush, now, the Internet Education to education on the ground. This is the first wave, Lei相关的主题文章: