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Yin Zhusheng "impossible" mad zoom trick drama multiple personality – Yin Zhusheng entertainment Sohu "mission impossible" Sohu Yin Zhusheng entertainment news war film "mission impossible" in Jiangsu satellite TV, by Yin Zhusheng to join Zheng Yu, starring Chen Zihan, plot the ups and downs, concern. In the play as Japanese officer Yin Zhusheng, by virtue of the characters accurately grasp the handle, the shape of a living Takahashi, every expression, every move is in place, to the audience left a deep impression, the original "cavity Chinese" is in a field on the suction powder countless. Compared to the diversity of life in the scene, but Yin Zhusheng, as fans call "Dad", for his simple, easy to. Not the same as the role of life is not the same as Yin Zhusheng years of career, Yin Zhusheng played numerous roles, the story theme is various, play the good, the bad guys can play, from time to time to mythological characters, each character impressive, penetrating. In this new "mission impossible", he played the Japanese officer Takahashi, again to refresh the audience impression on him, have to say, every new characters are Zhusheng Yin one of his students, will bring the audience another Yin Zhusheng. The "godfather of drama" Yin Zhusheng behind the "Moon" of Yin Zhusheng, while the films and characters of the most incisive interpretation, the other side is in the drama director has created a new world. Not only won the "Shanghai Drama Magnolia Award" and many other blockbuster awards, Yin Zhusheng first directed by "", made him a "white-collar Shanghai drama" the initiator, after two years, Yin Zhusheng was the director of "cappuccino" and "salty" lies behind, every subtle feelings between people and to people to rely on him for this drama and show love, so is the circle of people known as the godfather of drama".相关的主题文章: