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"Yangtze River map" premiere   art film for the first time by high attention — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn 2016 annual international awards only Chinese works, the film "Yangtze River map", a grand opening ceremony and red carpet ceremony, held in Beijing in September 6th. "Yangtze River map" by the Beijing chuandeng Cultural Investment Co. Ltd., light Yan era (Beijing) culture media Limited, Beijing Jinxiu Film Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shandong Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Jebsen Jiabo Hongxi culture communication produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Tianjiao times culture media Co. Ltd, Zhejiang Dongyang wide film culture Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing New Century Film Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Chinese image (Beijing) Film Investment Co. Ltd and Beijing stars television media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, light Yan era (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd., Huaxia Film Distribution Co. issued, Beijing Yun Chi Film Co., Jebsen Acer Jubilee culture communication Limited by Share Ltd jointly issued. "Yangtze River map" to open a new wave of Chinese art film "Yangtze River map" premiere ceremony guests lineup unprecedented artistic flavor. Chinese poetry’s flag character, the North Island rock artist Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou, and Lv Le, mosey child poetry, plateau fashion leader attended the event together, cheer for the "Yangtze River map" September 8th National release. The producers seat 650 premiere in the auditorium. Two 80 people with temporary office, can barely meet the media and industry demand. The producers said, the first time the film offers up to more than 850 people, this event was unprecedented in the art film. In addition to the premiere, the row of film theaters is also unexpected surprises. This is the second "bainiaozhaofeng" after the film market for the first time the art film initiative to make the attitude. "Yangtze River map" producer Wang said that the development of the film market to a certain scale, there will be a "turning point", art film in this inflection point will usher in their own market space. Director Yang Chao said more bluntly, every city has a large population of literary art film look. After Berlin Silver Bear returned, the film "Yangtze River map" in September 8th the country more than 500 games ahead of the 4K version point, was released in early October September 9th, in North American theaters. The producers said, according to the International Film Awards have been selected to send data submitted for review procedures will be SARFT approval, hope can enter the 2017 Oscar for best foreign language film. The ultimate interpretation of the mystery of the Yangtze River, to guide the most beautiful soul of the journey, the Yangtze River map has released four posters, respectively, from different themes interpretation of the aesthetic direction of the film. Yan, hotel, cultural value against time, feelings of counter counter attack. Sixteen words summarize the Yangtze River map from the structure of the film, the story set to the viewing experience and feelings and other aspects of production. Yan value guards, "Yangtze River map" high value Yan has been frequently exposed to media across the country. Hsiao-Hsien Hou Li Pingbin’s camera, the Yangtze River transfer film and fantasy blurred scene, with focal length of camera angle effect, achieve a lot of human perspective to capture images, called the "living" landscape painting. "Long"相关的主题文章: