Yanga Mar Rinpoche the arrival of impermanence and who will not agree-beself

Yanga Mar Rinpoche: come and impermanence of life cherish who agreed not easily won time, it is advisable to make the journey of life! A man of ill will is willing to yield to temptation, but a strong man is not easily moved. The two brothers and Maha Jia collect small Jia collect, weekdays travel business, which is the business people. Once they are in the business on the way, to hear Buddha, heart full of joy, so they decided to become a monk in the seat of the buddha. Although the two brothers and a monk, but the practice is different. Brother Maha Jialuoyifo teachings, often in favor of exploring, in combination since the physical reality of impermanence, "the truth, why persistent false ego blindness and all the idealism made. Soon after, and prove the Arahat deep meditation. The small study and disposition of the Dharma is Jia collect the training without interest, often miss a secular sensual pleasure. Once, the Buddha led many monks, including two of them stay in the forest’s homes. At this time, Xiao Jia collect before wives did not know this matter, please Buddha monks and on the ceremony to lay before the supply of small Jia collect. So the first return to their small Jia collect and arrange the Buddha monk’s diet, seating and other matters, his harem will take the opportunity to persuade him to return to secular life, so the home, he has become secularized karma. The second day, the harem lay Maha Jia collect, also took the initiative to invite the Buddha and monks to Maha Jia collect previous home, they would like to take this way to persuade Mo Jia collect. Thus, in the ceremony and please Buddha monks should be complete for when they request to the Buddha, left to let Maha Jia collect at. The Buddha answered, led the monks to leave, leaving one person Mojialuo. They went to the village, the monks to the Buddha speak out their concerns, they worry that Garo would like Maha Garo, was to incite and wives. The Buddha told the monks said: "their brothers are different, although the monk is not small Jia collect, abide in the law, still thinks of secular sensual pleasures. Maha has Buddha, Jia collect Dharma and Sangha belief is very strong, and strives to liberation, not by the temptation of worldly pleasures." The discovery of the Buddha Gatha: "only for live music net, not the root of the prostate, I do not know the amount of diet, not diligent indolence. He is actually a magic suit, such as wind weak tree. Wish for non live music, good prostate roots, diet knowledge Festival, with faith and diligence. Magic cannot overcome it, such as wind hill." Each of us has always been unable to grasp and measure the length of life, the impermanence of the warning often staged. As the saying goes: life is short, life is negative. Days after passage, no matter what roles we play in their own life or the lives of others, bear what responsibility and obligation, but we are accustomed to the crowd and ignore the introspection and reflection. What is it that we need? Eat well? Dressed? With good? Live well? Considerate husband or wife? Filial piety? Career development? Earning large quantities of gold each day? Everyone has such a perfect expectations, in the fantasy and the reality of the gap was filled and hit, because the past life, this fruit, the ideal framework, not the subjective desire to fully grasp and planning. !相关的主题文章: