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Yang Hui song and Song said that the divorce case is not the first song of marriage lovers – Sohu entertainment song Yang Hui divorce case hearing, the woman still believe that love. Click to enter [HD Photo]       cover news – Huaxi city newspaper (reporter Du Enhu from Beijing) Yang Hui sued Song Zhe divorce, have been implicated with Baoqiang Wang divorce, half a month has attracted intense attention of national media and friends. In fact, the lawsuit earlier than Baoqiang Wang’s divorce filing 45 days. Yang Hui is at the end of June 2016, officially to the Beijing Chaoyang Court divorce proceedings to Song Zhe. And Baoqiang Wang was in August 15th before the official Beijing Chaoyang Court divorce. Because Baoqiang Wang in the divorce statement, public exposure has an affair, his wife Yang Hui and her husband Song Zhe for a time, Yang Huicheng star Baoqiang Wang divorce second female protagonist, has become the media attention to people. In August 29th 5 pm, after the end of the first hearing, accompanied by Tan Yaoguang and Li Ruihua two lawyers under the cover of news reporters in Beijing City HENGJIA firm parlor, exclusive face-to-face interviews with Yang Hui. This is the case of the outbreak of divorce Baoqiang Wang half a month, has been low-key for the first time to accept the cover of an exclusive interview with reporters, the first disclosure of the song and Yang Hui divorce insider. "Song Zhe and I are in love." Cover news: please talk about the feelings of divorce? Yang Hui: more than and 60 days ago, I first filed a divorce with Song Zhe. I didn’t think it would be the news of the whole nation. Actually, this is my personal affair with Song Zhe’s family. No longer love, the feelings of rupture, and friendly break up. I don’t want to divorce made all the people know things. I am now in front of parents, classmates, friends, are embarrassed to say what. Half a month did not dare to go out, it can not work properly. Now that the court is in session, the media reports. I simply to cover news reporters to talk about my views on divorce: first, I hope the Song Zhe as soon as possible to agree to a divorce, this is our personal, not because the case again hurt the innocent life and influence others. Don’t hurt my parents, don’t hurt the Song Zhe parents. This is our own thing, but also hope that the media friends and friends do not bother my family and life. Don’t hurt the Song Zhe family. On the day before the hearing, I was kind enough to entrust a lawyer to find Song Zhe’s family, I hope to be able to divorce agreement, not to court. Two, law and morality are not contrary. I asked Song Zhe to divorce, because he betrayed love, betrayed me, but also hurt the Baoqiang Wang family. I have nothing to say to Song Zhe. I just hope that the judge of the Chaoyang Court quickly sentenced us to divorce, let me relieve the pain, into a new life and work. Three, I confess that I am a loser in this marriage, but I still believe in love. In my future life, I think, if you love someone, you still have the true love. "Ma Rong Song Zhe was not students and lovers" cover news: online, Song Zhe Shaanxi, Ma Rong students, he.相关的主题文章: