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Yancheng five year old hero can’t swim to save the river still zhuihe vehicle was salvaged thanks to several kind villagers, saved us a." At noon yesterday, the car zhuihe recalled the scene, Yancheng Dafeng area Chen Shan (a pseudonym) is still a lingering fear. Modern Express reporter learned that night, Chen Shan drove with his wife and mother accidentally fall into the river, near the village of Chen Luojun who, despite his not swim, and another 3 people rescued the villagers together. Thrilling touching hidden zhuihe dial calls September 16th at 8 o’clock, medium-sized town of Dafeng territory supper outside It’s raining and blowing hard., Chen Shanzheng drove home, copilot sat 7 months pregnant wife, his mother sat in the back. About 8:30, the car driving to the center bridge in front of the Double Happiness medium-sized town village. After the bridge, turn a few hundred meters on the home." The bridge is narrow, and the rain is too big, Chen Shan was very slow, which is known to the bridge tire slip, whole car directly into the center of the river 6 meters wide. The sudden changes make the car three Mongolian people, then Chen Shan’s mother Ms. Yin hands just holding a mobile phone, she hastened to play calls to a nearby relatives. At this time, Double Happiness village two groups of villagers 54 year old Chen Luojun is preparing to take a bath to bed, "old Chen, my car fell into the river in front of you, come to save us." Ms. Yin received a phone call, regardless of the heavy rain rushed to the outside of the river, while shouting to save people, while taking off his clothes and jumped down the river to save. Touching can’t swim to save the river still jumped into the river after Chen Luojun remembered that he can not swim. "I was 1.76 meters tall, jumped enough to the end, when choked by the water of the mouth, but fortunately stepped on a big stone on the two." Stand fast, he saw a red car rollover in the river, is slowly sinking, the car 3 people are tapping the window for help. I pull the door hard, but how also can not open, with a fist hit the window did not respond." Lao Chen told Modern Express reporter, at that time the situation is very dangerous, just a water electrician after the villagers, he hastened to call each other to find tools, and then open the cab windows will be driving the man rescued. At this time, Chen Luojun’s neighbor Su Zhidong also rushed, jumped into the river and the old Chen together car two women rescued, one of which is pregnant. "The car is about to sink. It’s too dangerous." Then, with the help of other villagers, 3 people were sent home for clean clothes. Hidden dangers on both sides of the bridge did not guard the video according to witnesses, the modern express reporter saw, after the rescue, Chen and Su Zhidong will be transferred out of the car items. "Almost all car glass was smashed, fortunately." Dafeng police alarm rushed to the scene, called the car crane will be salvaged, at present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. Although I can not swim, but Chen is still under the river to save things in the local spread. "It was important to save, but also trapped relatives, but also to save the." Lao Chen said, the river after it is thought not water, but stepped on a stone. According to the Double Happiness village accountant Hu Hongzhu, the old Chen Ping is very enthusiastic, really. Modern Express reporter noted that the bridge with a block.相关的主题文章: