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Xinjiang is millet is compromised UAV to solve security chaos – Sohu technology Sohu Ding Ding science and technology article released shortly millet drone soon was cracked. A person involved in the breakdown of millet UAV, Sohu technology to demonstrate the situation after the crack of millet UAV flight. From the demonstration of the situation, after the crack of millet UAV completely break the no fly zone limit. As long as the hands are willing to fly, millet UAV in any sensitive areas can be arbitrary landing. Civil UAV can crack this is a bit awkward. According to Sohu science and technology, for security reasons, millet UAV multiple security restrictions. At the same time, millet APP UAV in accordance with relevant provisions of the state, a division of a no fly zone, at the same time according to the mobile phone location and UAV location, such as a GPS signal on the flight conditions of multiple restrictions, in order to ensure the flight position of UAV in accordance with the relevant state provisions. Millet UAV related to Sohu science and technology, in order to ensure the safety of communication between the UAV and the remote control millet also encrypted. However, due to the current level of civil aircraft and mobile phones used on the GPS module are based on open standards, which gives no restrictions to crack the fly area provides convenient conditions. Fortunately, despite the high degree of concern millet UAV media, but its current market share is almost zero. Although there are only a few hundred local UAV manufacturers in Shenzhen, but most of these companies do not have any size, there are many PPT model vendors. However, the UAV industry giant Xinjiang will not be so lucky. According to previous statistics, Xinjiang and Parrot UAV accounted for the vast majority of the world market share. According to Sohu science and technology to understand, after the storm has been directed at the crack module in the underground channel. A hacker revealed to the Sohu technology, now there are three ways to deal with the UAV hardware. One is the midway mentioned over and modify GPS data; the other is a similar mobile phone as pseudo base station through false GPS signal wireless device specific simulation of another stronger; the third way is to break machine with remote WiFi protocol; the fourth way is to break the APP UAV program. Prior to this, WiFi has been broken in the spirit of the activities of the GeekPwn, when hackers use the way that is through the analysis of UAV and remote control between the two protocols, found a way to hijack the uav. Since then, Xinjiang quickly patched the vulnerability. However, by modifying the GPS signal to modify the module this method is still a simple brute crack no fly zone restrictions in a small range of spread. Fried black fly is now the industry called "drone", is actually a "multi rotor and multi shaft vehicles" popular name. In recent years, some manufacturers UAV UAV or entrepreneurial team "Huyou hand fly", "mobile phone remote control" and "fly" concept, so that the majority of consumers and even some media practitioners also naively believe that this civil UAV fly really is a very simple thing. This also.相关的主题文章: