central to the war on the assembly sounded bribery against war – Sohu central to the war on the assembly sounded bribery against war – Sohu news recently, Liaoning bribery case has become a hot topic online, Liaoning bribery involves the number of high level, causing serious damage to the domestic political environment, caused great damage to the Communist Party’s political image China. However, the central anti-corruption efforts are unprecedented, this time the shot very quickly, the Liaoning official bribery case series, with the thunder strike, which is to defend actively as proper election procedures and selection of cadres, but also reflects the credibility of shaping the political ecology delicate gas is the determination. It can be said that the Liaoning bribery case means that to some extent the anti-corruption ushered in the new situation. Dare to expose yarn exposed central scar, again highlighting corruption is not restricted, even involving the provincial people’s Congress of the normal operation, even may affect a local anti-corruption situation, still "zero tolerance". To be "lucky people, fabuzezhong" and the Liaoning bribery case is undoubtedly a slap in the face. For the Liaoning bribery, central government departments and local attitude is unified. It is never allowed to take money that set to the elections. With Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee decision seriously investigate this case fully reflects the firm determination of our party strictly, fully comprehensive of the rule of law, and fully demonstrates the firm attitude of our party against corruption and making use of the unwholesome tendencies declaration of our party, fully safeguard the party discipline authority and dignity of tenacity. As the saying goes: people do not waste the rules, the party does not behave in disorder. At any time, Party members and cadres of political discipline and political rules of this string can not be loose. If the political discipline and political rules into decoration, it will form a "broken window effect", the party will become their own way, each one takes what he needs a "private club" members will become a motley crew. Liaoning bribery case is derived from some party members and cadres, including senior party cadres Party discipline consciousness, political discipline. At present, in the party’s political discipline and political discipline, the vast majority of Party organizations and Party members and cadres to do a good job. Our cadres have a profound understanding of serious harm to the Liaoning bribery case, also can draw lessons from the Liaoning bribery case, know fear, clear bottom line, alert, abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules. Resolutely investigate and deal with the Liaoning bribery case is to promote the rule of law, comprehensive strictly a punch. Now, the central to the war on bribery already sounded the assembly, if not, to war!相关的主题文章: