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Xi’an has built 25 sewage treatment plants surrounding river water quality improving sewage treatment expert field operation game, a game of newspaper news (reporter Wen Jin) Xi’an public daily life from the boiling water, sewage treatment in order to improve the skill level, October 24th -26, Xi’an City, the second session of the "water" sewage treatment industry skills competition in the fourth sewage processing factory of Xi’an city held. 15 teams from the city’s sewage industry 15 sewage treatment company of the 116 players field contest, by the 3 day of the theory and practice of a match. The theory of field display skills, field strength test operation. The opening of the theory exam after the first, one contestant was calm; in practical field, two types of players on the skilled operation in wastewater treatment and sludge, you catch me over. According to the Xi’an fourth sewage treatment plant, we have a total of nearly 800 sewage workers struggling to bear the city’s sewage treatment work in the front line, to provide a comfortable life for the people of Xi’an security. This competition is not only a big contest, is a city sewage treatment industry of the big parade and enhance skills." At the end of July 2015, Xi’an city has built one or two plants and two sewage treatment plants, Lintong District, Lintong District, Yanliang District, Gaoling District, Lantian County, Zhouzhi County, Yanliang City, the textile industry group, second households, two high, the first sewage treatment plant a total of 25 first to twelfth sewage treatment facilities reached 2 million 71 thousand cubic meters. Among them: the city’s nine district processing capacity reached 1 million 965 thousand cubic meters. In the city’s pollution treatment capacity in Xi’an water group accounted for 7, the water reached the "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" level A standard, respectively, after treatment discharge to the Wei Ba, and Taiping River Basin, water quality of the river around the city of Xi’an in recent years to improve.相关的主题文章: