Xiamen last month, the price of real estate prices suppressed new commercial housing prices rose 0.5 jkforum

Xiamen house prices rose 0.5% last month by the suppression of new housing prices were the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Lin Wen Li Jinhua) Xiamen National Bureau of investigation team yesterday released data show that in October Xiamen new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices have been suppressed, the new commercial housing prices rose 0.5%, second-hand housing prices were flat. October Xiamen new commercial housing sales price rose 0.5%, or last month narrowed by 2.4 percentage points, ranking the country’s 70 large and medium cities in the forty-fifth. Classification of view, the largest increase in the size of the largest home listings, 144 square meters or more than the chain rose by 1.6%; the size of the following types of square meters and the following rose by 0.2%; the square of 90 square meters to 144 square meters flat. According to statistics analysis, from the transaction situation, due to the October purchase of overweight, limited credit upgrade, the housing market and the rapid decline of property buyers psychological more obvious. From the transaction price point of view, the major real estate sales prices remained stable. On the one hand, shrinking volume, price increases underpowered; on the other hand, the relevant departments to increase the pre-sale price approval efforts to effectively curb the sale of the project price increases. October Xiamen second-hand housing sales prices were flat, ranking fifty-sixth in the country’s 70 cities. From the type of view, in addition to more than 144 square meters of the type of chain fell by more than $0.1%, the other two types of prices were flat with the previous month. Analysts believe that the statistics personnel is also affected by the real estate policy, whether the seller or the buyer are in wait-and-see stage, trading enthusiasm was not as good as the first half of the year, there are also individual sellers slightly lowered the listing price, but the price of the most large-sized apartment houses.相关的主题文章: