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Xiamen, a 16 year old boy head pierced miraculously survived very clear news according to Xiamen Strait Herald reports (Strait Herald reporter Liu Chenglang correspondent Cai Jiandong Ventura) Wang Guizhou 16 year old boy because of an altercation with the factory colleagues, colleagues in the brain with a fruit knife, the knife body is inserted into the head 5 cm, dying. Fortunately, after 6 hours of emergency medical rescue, Wang miracle survivors. Yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter saw the injured Wang in the fifth ward, now he is fully conscious, and normal activities. Critical: Patients with head inserted fruit knife 22, about half past eight in the morning, Wang was injured in an ambulance rushed to the fifth hospital emergency department, the first "head knife" with this is the admissions department. I saw a fruit knife from the right occipital region obliquely into naolu Wang, only 2 cm long knife handle and the blade out of extracranial blood mixed with the blade root has broken the brain overflow, life is on the line. From the moment the patient went to the resuscitation room, the paramedics started a race against time. Emergency department medical staff immediately launched the rescue of patients, infusion, laboratory, CT scan, disinfection, and then transferred to the Department of Neurosurgery surgery. According to the director of the Department of Neurosurgery fifth hospital Cui Lishan introduction, brain CT scan results showed Wang piercing, intracranial blade ca. 5 cm long, 2 cm wide, with the blade after the cerebellum, punctured intracrainal sigmoid sinus, petrous bone to the facial nerve, tip distance is only 0.5 meters. This is Cui Lishan since joining in April 2015 fifth hospital admissions since the worst condition of a patient. He quickly organized an emergency team to start the discussion, for Wang made a careful surgical plan. Treatment: 6 hours to complete the surgery, said Cui Lishan, the first haircut is a problem, barber look at the bloody scene, are afraid to cut. "We can only use their patients to shave hair shaving blade. The fruit knife around the bite at the cutting 4× 5 cm in size of the skull, ready to take the three or four doctor, with careful hands, prevent the damage to other brain tissue and brain." Cui Lishan said that this surgery, the most difficult thing is how to avoid bleeding during surgery. Therefore, the operation, the medical staff at all times to keep a close eye on the amount of bleeding, for the sigmoid sinus suspension, repair, compression hemostasis, effectively shorten the bleeding time, control the risk. From the operation room to promote the completion of the operation, Cui Lishan led his team to fight for 6 hours, completed the "on the tip of the dance". The successful completion of the operation, the fruit knife was successfully removed, the main cerebral vascular repair, patient awareness. It is understood that Wang was a matter, the police have been involved in the investigation.相关的主题文章: