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Wowkie Zhang: Huang Qishan has cited comedy variety masked girl heart – entertainment channel — once launched on the crazy harvest enthusiastic users quiz will sing "guess" this period will usher in three new members last week, "the tin man" Andy Hui, "Fox" Daniel Chan and Zhang Bichen "empress" points exposing the surface this week, "Cat Diary?" Hepburn ", a roar at the sight of injustice sailor", "my melon half your" three sing will join a strong, this week they will guess the jury hit what kind of spark? Music as a super TV and music as the video on Sunday exclusive show. Huang Qishan or Wowkie Zhang on stage: This is my mother right? This week, three new Jin sang will fill the stage, "Cat Diary?" Hepburn ", a roar at the sight of injustice sailor", "my melon half your" three mask name full of personality and very naughty, visible show cheerful tone. On the other, "Hepburn cat" from Audrey? Hepburn who draw inspiration; "Sailor Moon" will also restore cartoon lovely image of Tsukino Usagi; "melon" with "cool styling Robocop". "This is my mother right?" In the face of cute "sailor", Wowkie Zhang’s "bluster", provoked the audience laughter, "she is mama Huang, Huang mother special girl heart." The teacher seems to have encountered an acquaintance on the stage, the words poke her suspected Huang Qishan. For the "sailor" real skill, Momoco Tao believes her reservations, "I think the sailor just really only knee strength to sing." "Beautiful girl, you do not pretend, listen to your voice, you are not a girl." To guess jury Eric Moo brother also bold judgment, "your voice is to hide the dragon knife, the song sings should not be your usual road. The song is too simple for you, but also occasionally exposed blade. In the smoke voice inside you, some tearing voice inside, soon let me hear who you are." In a link, "beautiful girl" "a song for you and me by the cold wind", "detective Momoco" again to find clues, "in fact, articulation can reveal a person’s temperament and his life experience. For example, she just sang ‘right and wrong’, bite light, very casual, but she’s’ right and wrong ‘have a story of life, not a little girl can sing’ right and wrong’." Guess the mission will be beautiful girl, Huang Qishan, but consistent, dressed in a lively and playful, frequently sold on the stage Meng girl really will be yellow mother? This period of "masked" seems to bring us a contrast with the most adorable girl". (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: