World travel day beware of online travel Scams

World Tourism Day careful online travel scam with the world tourism day and National Day golden week, Shanxi will usher in the peak travel. Especially the world tourism day on September 27th, the Shanxi state owned and state-owned scenic scenic implemented the policy of free toudao tickets, although not the weekend, there will be the phenomenon of crowds. During the National Day golden week for Shanxi scenic area finally concentrated promotion, for the full year final scenic opportunities, so the problems of traffic jam, scenic security, consumer disputes can hardly be avoided. In order to make tourists rational travel, safe travel, happy travel, in September 26th, Shanxi Tourism Quality Supervision issued consumer tips travel. First, try to avoid the popular scenic spots. The world tourism day, is the only state-owned and state holding the scenic free tickets, but not all items (free scenic scenic area to provide specific concessions to the Tourism Bureau official website.). According to the usual practice, the popular scenic tourism will be full, but some non popular scenic crowd relatively less, visitors can choose to try to avoid these scenic spots; related hot spots during the National Day golden week should be. Second, more online travel scam. Some travel sites, Taobao merchants to attract consumers at low prices. Consumers browse travel service web information, often attracted by the merchant’s low price and click on the purchase, into the price trap. Third, group, group, tour pal chowhound self driving group of consumer traps and fraud. Some organizations and individuals by the WeChat group, QQ group to delicacy and self driving, spell mass organizations and members of the delegation of reason to attract tourism. As these organizations do not have the qualifications and experience of tourism, and do not sign any written contract with members, many organizers to promote the sale of goods or to find a profitable point in the trip, the interests of tourists is difficult to guarantee. Finally, to remind visitors civilized travel, rational rights. During the festival, there will be some quality problems in the travel, in the event of a problem, and tourists should actively guide or tour communication and consultation, mutual understanding, to be satisfactorily resolved, to minimize the loss. Visitors should be aware of other relevant departments of Tourism Quality Supervision and management departments and traffic, the price of telephone complaints, when subject to infringement of the legitimate rights and interests can not be resolved, should promptly call the local tourism quality supervision and management department or other relevant departments for complaints telephone complaints, avoid further damage. (source: Sanjin metropolis Ding Lingyan) National Tourism Service Hotline 12301 Shanxi provincial tourism complaints hotline: 0351-7731999 Taiyuan city tourism complaints hotline: 0351-4070551 Datong tourism complaints hotline: 0352-5137315 Jinzhong city tourism complaints hotline: 0354-2636528 Linfen city tourism complaints hotline: 0357-2039173 Xinzhou city tourism complaints hotline: 0350-3028354 Lvliang city tourist complaints hotline: 0358-8236313 Yuncheng City Tourism complaints hotline: 0359-2085615 Yangquan city tourism 6相关的主题文章: