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The winter house fit not just to be home today officially to winter, the cold season, the property market is also gradually "winter", this time to buy a house, has been controversial, some people think that winter is the off-season, the houses are picked over, so choosing the range will be smaller. Some people think that winter is not conducive to the decoration of the house. But look at the market prices stable prices, the property market is in a stable stage, and according to the prices of these years, every year the spring, prices are more or less there will be some fluctuations, most will rise slightly, and at this stage there will be a lot of good policy, buyers just need to buy a house in the winter time is also a good choice. For those who just need to buy a house, there is still a chance to Amoy to the higher cost of the house, into the off-season, the cat winter subconscious affect people’s buying habits, the market is usually less. In addition, the end of marriage is the off-season, buy a house buyers rigid demand less, so that the market usually presents a temporary oversupply phenomenon, developers will still have a part of the concessions, just need to buy a house group seize this opportunity to buy their favorite listings. Investigation of residential property news reported Beijing 2 days ahead of time, this time you can examine the house heating situation within the District, such as housing at room temperature can achieve the standard of heating, heating pipelines are Water Leakage etc. problems, opportunities and more real understanding to the real source; and the cold weather property more test area, on-the-spot investigation area and cleaning property service quality. Choose a good property company is to choose a good quality of life, is an important indicator to buy a house. Indoor heating in winter heating is a big expense, this time to examine the insulation of the wall is very practical, think if winter wall insulation is poor, the heat loss of the room rate will be very high, not only indoor warm but also will increase the heating costs, especially the edge of households and windy it is important to observe apartment layout. Through the above analysis, just need to buy a house for people, at any time is a good time, but also buy the sooner the better, after all, Beijing for such a large first-tier cities, prices do not rise has been regarded as the property market down, just need to buy a house as soon as possible groups such as shot. Dispatch of new world real estate Tencent ocean (Philippines Mu No. 8) (market information) is located in Mentougou Chang’an Avenue West extension line and Riverside South extension junction (south side). Ocean new world (Fei Mu 8) in order to meet customer demand, the project launched a blank room No. 10, is currently in the row card! Ocean new world (Fei Mu 8) project, building 10, a total of 11 units. Property fee is 4 yuan per square metre, 10 building for rough housing, is expected to launch in December 2017. Please pay attention! Tencent Beijing Mentougou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721073 New World Ocean (Philippine Mu 8… See details the average price of 40000 yuan square meters brand developers property along the MTR | Gallery of the latest 400-819-1111 610493 ocean Xintiandi (Philippines Mu No. 8) upgrade Museum Address: Mentougou shore.相关的主题文章: