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Wife husband hacked charnel pig day poison Dutch act a couple more than the pig farms in has been emptied. Southeast network news August 27th (Herald reporter Ventura) Zhangzhou Longhai City nine town forest village round mountain hillside, there is an area of thousands of square meters of pig farms. Yesterday, the entrance has been cordoned off. According to villagers, five or six days before the murder happened here: the wife Guo Mou to kill her husband, poison Dutch act. Yesterday morning, the Herald reporter came to the village more than a couple of – distance farms about 5 kilometers of forest village under the ocean agency. More than a couple of small beautiful home is building a 3 storey, gray wall inlaid with five or six meters of glass curtain wall, the villagers said that this is one of the most beautiful house in the village. This family tragedy has spread in the village, everyone marvel. "Five or six days ago, when the police came to investigate, we knew what was going on." According to a villager on condition of anonymity, more than a couple have a son, has grown up. The couple have been raising pigs for more than and 10 years, usually in a few kilometers outside the pig farm, so the villagers rarely see them. Another villager said, Guo Mouxian is killed more than one, their poison Dutch act. As for the cause of the tragedy, the village circulated a statement, said Yu Mou had an affair, resulting in a conflict between husband and wife, and ultimately lead to tragedy. However, this statement has not been confirmed by the police. In an interview with the Herald reporter, villagers tried to help contact a brother, but in the end more than a brother refused an interview with the herald reporter. Up to now, Longhai police have not yet disclosed the specific details of the case report wizard. Source: Jiangsu Chinese network editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: