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Who in the world have meat? Screenwriter Matt: is the industry’s brutal morning news reporters Zeng Di cable 2005, to "burn the brain" as a selling point of the Spy Drama popular night. But in the past more than and 10 years, the spy drama was slowly changing, high Yan values, all star became the most significant label. Recently, by Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Luyi Zhang starred in the "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, on the network more heat, from the actor Yan value to the plot, setting aside, the audience has something to say. To this end, an interview with reporters "sparrow" original author and screenwriter Matt, now talk Spy Drama those things. Young idol play spy, Yan value is justice? A "pretender" Spy Drama young open door, but at the same time, the Spy Drama high requirements for acting, but also for many traffic with the idol star: "before some unable to resist sustain the blows of decryption" Chen Xuedong was "a man Tucao ruined a movie" now "sparrow"; two starring Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou’s performance is a handsome to get both praise and blame, superabundant, but difficult to take on the role of inner complexity, a number of people were too "silly white sweet", you do anything right. For this topic, Matt seemed very calm, respect any industry to play the leading role of the young people, some television companies have a slogan called "little meat to get the world ‘, not necessarily correct, but not without reason. This is not a Spy Drama of sorrow, but the entire industry cruel." In this case, the use of idol stars pay more attention to collocation. Such as "sparrow" in both Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Ruoyun, que Qing Zi [micro-blog] so young, there are Zhang Luyi, Li Xiaoran, Wang Jinsong [micro-blog] [micro-blog] mature actor, "not completely see the face". From the novel to the TV series, "the sparrow" actor Chen Shen from the original, "the age of the middle-aged to move closer to the man," became a more young handsome Li Yifeng. In this regard, Matt admits a young actor with the growth process, and more importantly, the idol star spy theme open market still has to help. "Elegy so that high values of young idol star Yan to the interpretation of the war of blood and fire, help more young viewers to recognize and look back to that special time, which relates to the inherited beliefs, feelings, ideals, in my opinion is very important and urgent." Brother kills, camouflage couples, plot the old routines? The spy drama became popular for more than ten years, leaving countless classic, but also make innovation more difficult — brothers running and camouflage couples, double agents such as plot, almost every department of the Spy Drama "standard". "Sparrow" is no exception: actor Chen Shen is juntong agent, is the true identity of underground communists; he and Bi Zhongliang surface villain brothers and wife, but always wary of each other; and the sea of Tangshan, Xu Bicheng is juntong agents by masquerading as the couple sneak into the puppet government. But in the sea view, to trace the classic plot of the source, as if no source, only new details may never exist, "a series of 007 movies so much, the same is always a brave handsome many gold man and a sexy girl, in the face of similar difficulties for insurance)相关的主题文章: