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When 3 American bandits met 1 girls Chinese, a dead escape two, America was shocked! Sohu – Education — Tips: click the [US] foolish father in view view content — these days America is not calm, a lot of places in the local black protest parade, white police officers shot black events, triggered a massive unrest. Just to see Sherlock’s friends in the sun circle of friends, where she has ordered the governor of martial law… Therefore, the friends around in the discussion, it is not safe here, it is necessary to prepare a gun at home! However, in the United States, such as the proliferation of firearms, the lack of security in the country, learn to protect themselves is very necessary. This does not, a few days ago staged a Chinese woman wearing pajamas war thief, an enemy three repel bandits drama. According to the WSBTV report, George Leah, a Chinese woman, she runs in a local restaurant, one day when resting at home, suddenly there were three black women found the robbers broke into the gun, and immediately called the police, but the phone operator, dragging in a leisurely manner, see the enemy will break into her room, While the grass grows the horse starves, the police are unreliable, they can only rely on their own! A hard hearted woman in the house, bite, pulls out a pistol, immediately rushed out. A robber at first see woman rushed out, also very proud, with a gun pointed at her, to make her surrender, did not expect the woman pulled a gun without demur, a volley. The robbers also ignorant, did not expect Chinese women so tough… One of the robbers to dodge bullets are not directly open the door, breaking the glass door away… Other men fled after the women’s side of the phone to the police report results, while carefully observe calmly stood in the doorway, fill a gun to shut the door. When the police arrived, found one of the robbers was shot and killed, another two robbers fled missing. The police believe that the woman is self-defense and will not be charged with any charges against her. The heroic Chinese woman won acclaim on the video Youtube shootout quickly heat transfer on the network, instant to hundreds of thousands of hits, in the western world, Chinese has always been a vulnerable groups, they are industrious and clever, but timid, physically weak, easily bullied, so many the Chinese often start, such as the University of Southern California has more than Chinese students attack in 2012 two China students were killed in the car, a 2014 China students in the way back to the dorm looting, head injuries, died. Even in the campus, the Chinese minorities, often campus violence bully Broolyn 2002, Lafayette high school was closed because of school bullying. At that time the United States only two years of Chinese students Zheng Xiaoguo, 6 African American students were beaten seriously injured in the hospital, the Chinese Federation of the region to fight for the victims of Chinese students相关的主题文章: