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UnCategorized PAT, which stands for portable appliance testing is a process in which electrical appliances are tested at specific periods. PAT testing is actually a requirement for workplaces throughout the UK and was established by law in 1989. If you work in a large workforce, you will notice that from time to time people .e around with electrical probes testing all sorts of electrical equipment from large generators, even down to the kitchen kettle. Many employees may find PAT testers somewhat of a nuisance and get in the way of everyday work, yet research has shown that periodical testing of electrical appliances can and does save lives. What will a PAT tester fail appliances on? A PAT tester may fail certain appliances based on numerous aspects including clear and obvious damage such as tears in electrical cables and also damage to wall and plug sockets. If a particular appliance passes a test, you will notice the engineer putting a bar-code on the side of the equipment; this quite clearly shows that the equipment is safe to use. However, if there is a certain piece of equipment is that the tester is unsure about, he or she will first consult the particular user or owner of the appliance before unplugging an item to prevent any unexpected dangers from occurring. As already mentioned, portable appliance testing is actually a requirement by law throughout the UK and if a workplace does not carry out periodical checks on their equipment, they may face heavy fines or lawsuits for potentially putting employees in danger when an dangerous incident occurs. PAT testing is not a requirement by law but highly advised for good reason as ultimately it is designed to minimise the risk to human life and property. Aside from the danger aspect of inadequate maintenance and checking of electrical appliances, there is also an insurance issue that .es with regular checking of electrical appliances. If, for example a particular workplace experiences a fire, the respective business owner might be extremely shocked to find out that the property and business insurance is invalidated due to insufficient checking and maintenance of these workplace appliances. So, as already mentioned, this form of testing is extremely important for not only the health and safety of employees in the workplace but also for insurance and liability claims also. It should be the employer’s responsibility to eradicate any unnecessary dangers within the workplace and electricity is certainly one of the biggest dangers in any type of workplace whether this be an office, factory floor or otherwise. PAT Testing and Landlords: Portable appliance testing does not only apply to business owners, as responsible landlords all electrical appliances should also have periodical maintenance, especially to ensure the safety of current tenants. If you are renting out a residential property then anything that happens to this property is your responsibility, so ensure that these appliances are tested properly, to not only give yourself peace of mind but also to keep your tenants safe as possible from injury or harm from any electrical appliances that you have provided for their use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: