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The holidays what leisure culture people.com.cn original title: ancient holiday leisure what ancient women’s chess (Tang Dynasty Zhou Fang painted "human backgammon map" local) ancient woman Cuju (Ming Du Jin "Painted Ladies" local women’s travel (Tang Zhang) ancient Xuan painting "of lady for local map") the ancient women (Tang Fang Zhou "painted scene playing harmonica tea map") of ancient women’s outdoor leisure (Qing gaiqi painted "bamboo ladies map" local) with the arrival of the National Day vacation, many people have developed a variety of holiday arrangements. How to arrange the ancient holidays? From the historical point of view, the ancients really holidays from the beginning of the Tang dynasty. Before the Tang Dynasty, mostly seasonal customs are full of strong superstitions, the Tang Dynasty, ancient people began to really enjoy the holiday…… Sui and Tang Dynasties popular "far" holidays "ascend" home "daughter": "to have Yao wine high vision far too, the feast of the Tang Dynasty is the ancient tourism" Chinese heyday, the lunar new year in February 1st most holidays, "and the" March 3rd Festival ", Shangsi Festival", "September 9th Festival". Called the "three season". To Li Shi (as emperor Dezong), simply "three season" as a statutory holiday. The Double Ninth Festival belongs to autumn holidays, people of the Tang Dynasty is the most popular way of leisure is a travel, a two. On the Double Ninth Festival, Baiguan Hugh mu, Emperor Yan Qujiang pool, people have to wear cornels, a play, or a party feast, ornamental chrysanthemum. The modern popular festival assume, chrysanthemum customs are playing out of the Tang dynasty. Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty in the "daughter order" records: "the double ninth day, will make wine dishes too high vision far, feast of tours, to Chang Qiuzhi." High vision far the wind in the height of the Tang Dynasty, but this is not the Tang knives have holiday phenomenon, just to the Tang Dynasty has undergone a fundamental change, fitness, and other recreational activities to play as the theme of Han and to avoid evil for the purpose of high concept is weakened. The ancient holiday leisure way with seasonal and temporal transformation are different, people are keen to travel up to the autumn, spring also love outdoor sports. Whether scholars, or women and children all love outing outing. Dunhuang manuscripts "section when rewards are" records, the emperor will give officials "flowers, dragon ball screen, push cake, whip, swing, gas blanket, Xing porridge, cake". It can be seen from this record, the Tang Dynasty people’s holiday life is very rich, in addition to diet, outdoor sports is inevitable. Among them, "whip", "swing", "gas blanket", on behalf of the Tang Dynasty popular three holidays outdoor leisure. "Whip" on behalf of the emperor to whip the officials in polo, Polo is the Tang Dynasty holiday gift, a very stylish, or is able to show the identity of the way of leisure holidays. According to records, the Tang Dynasty emperor visit Liyuan Pavilion stadium to watch Polo habits, from the cultural relics and modern archaeological finds, can see the popularity of polo in the Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty, many aristocratic fresco, painted a polo scene. "Swing" is also the most suitable for women and children playing, swing. What does "blanket" mean? The kinematic field holds that it represents the predecessor of modern football, in the pre Qin Period相关的主题文章: