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What Chinese means for the rest of the world (focus) – Politics – people.com.cn November 19th, President Xi Jinping in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) pointed out that the keynote speech business summit, China economic development prospects are bright. China’s development is an opportunity for the world. Expected in the next 5 years, China’s total imports will reach $8 trillion, the total amount of foreign investment will reach $600 billion, the total foreign investment will reach $750 billion, outbound tourism will reach 700 million passengers. This will provide a broader market for the rest of the world, more adequate capital, more abundant products, more valuable opportunities for cooperation. Miss Chinese = Miss development opportunity in the speech Xi Jinping put forward a series of specific data Chinese Economy: the international financial crisis broke out after a few years, China incremental contribution, close to 40% of the global economy in recent years, the contribution rate remained above 25%. The first three quarters of this year, China’s economic growth rate of 6.7%, the final consumer spending on GDP growth contribution rate of up to 71%. These eye-catching data has once again become the focus of attention. The chairman of the East West Center Charles? Morrison believes that in the growth of the world economy under the background of weak economic growth, Chinese still ranked in the major economies in the forefront of Chinese stable economic is helpful to the world. Private consumption in the three quarter to further accelerate the growth of private enterprise financing environment continues to improve, the three quarter data show China’s economic resilience and strength." The European financial consulting agency Fawkes economic chief economic researcher Richard Wayne said?. In the specific economic development level, Peru is in charge of trade Vice Minister of foreign trade Ministry of tourism Edgar? Vasquez pointed out that the successful experience of the Peru government China worthy of reference, such as improving clearance efficiency, reduce business costs, improve trade and investment environment etc.. Latin Ecuador branch of Institute of Social Studie international expert Matteo bogna said that as a developing country? China Ecuador set a good example. Alfonso, chairman of the APEC business leaders summit, said that Chinese enterprises in recent years, the rapid development momentum, in order to promote the development of the world economy has made tremendous contributions to the development of the world economy in the past few years, said the Chinese President of the. China’s Ministry of commerce data show that during 12th Five-Year, China’s foreign direct investment (including financial) grew by an average of 13.1% in 2015, ranking the world’s top third. "The reason why the development of Chinese attracted international attention and admiration so much, is a lot of experience in the development process of Chinese economy deserves our learning; on the other hand is China economy this’ big cake ‘is bigger, the current size of our economy has reached $10 trillion, and is still in the growth rate of 6.5%-7% to continue growth, such a big market, if a country cannot participate in them, then they will miss the best opportunity for development." Zhang Jianping, deputy director of the academic committee of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with this reporter. APEC: the meeting is "Hui Hui" the development of China’s economy has always stressed that mutual benefit and win-win, to the international arena such as APEC, China is also actively providing more benefits相关的主题文章: