Wenzhou bank financial support to the double gamelink

Wenzhou bank financial support to the countryside "double" to further enhance the level of financial youth volunteer service and the scope of this year, the Bank of Wenzhou Communist Youth League to improve financial services and financial products innovation as the breakthrough point, to encourage grassroots organizations to carry out the characteristics and pragmatic group activities, the organization of young employees to send financial services to support the innovation of youth entrepreneurship, support the development of local culture industry. "Tea for agriculture" and "agricultural persistent credit" Bank of Wenzhou "Huinong loan" series of products are more representative of the product. After launch, grassroots League and business department cooperation with the Bank of Wenzhou, financial literacy campaign, immediately visited farmers, farm operators. Visits from finishing in accordance with the conditions of the farmhouse to the customer list for group docking, in-depth understanding of the basic situation of the youth warm farmhouse of customers, in the conversation, but also do their best to give reasonable suggestions on the management and the demand for funds. "The first night of agricultural loan customers within three working days will receive loans, to provide financial support for entrepreneurship. The first "tea nongdai" customer Mr. Pan to 100 thousand yuan loan granted by the Bank of Wenzhou, to enhance the tea garden construction. In the full understanding of new products to the Bank of Wenzhou can be recycled, long duration, low interest rates, many farmers, farm households have used WeChat places and telephone contact way and the Bank of Wenzhou. Wen Xing youth professional financial services to promote the practice of volunteer activities, but also by the local government and higher authorities in charge of recognition and support.相关的主题文章: