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"We have come to the" Xu Jiao energy full on-line   double play game queen Sheenah – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn original title: "we have come to the" full on-line game queen Xu Jiao energy beat Sheenah this Friday Hunan TV "to" we will come to the last stop of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, guests will show in this episode handsome style, to conquer the vast desert, experience characteristic and fiery charm of Xinjiang. Xu Jiao in this program, open the "game player" mode, actually two times to kill "game queen Sheenah, let the stars unexpected, surprise. Xu Jiao reported that the number of games seckill "Xie sheep leg" Sheenah said "I was mad akimbo" guests at lunchtime, the feeling of the roasted Nang and barbecue fun, there is no shortage of experience the characteristics of Xinjiang delicacy, carried out a to mutton as the theme of the game. A part of the stars on behalf of the sheep, then starts off the game, if more than one person at the same time at the same number, will be at the fastest speed at the other sheep parts plus its representative name. Although seemingly simple, but because the stars with surnames and complex sheep radicals, memory and reaction force of stars is a great test. In one round of the game, Jiang Yiyan was the first to grab the No. 1 security number, followed by Xi Mengyao and Angie Chiu also passed, this game with a "demon", a number 4 to be stuck, Sheenah and Xu Jiao is in the newspaper the number 4 ", two people agree without prior without previous consultation report" and "4", the two dimension girl Xu Jiao immediately said surprisingly fast reaction, "Xie sheep leg" name, and Sheenah suddenly a hot head, I couldn’t remember Xu Jiao’s nickname, under the impatient broke a sentence: "what was that?" Attracted all the guests uproarious surprised Xi Mengyao, said: "Nana, you actually lost to Jiao Jiao, did not dare to believe!" But have not recovered Sheenah, Cha Zhaoyao said: "I was mad!" Sheenah rapid sand sliding first machine "goldfish memory" and then dropped to the Kumtag Desert, natural to experience a surge of adrenaline in the sand skiing game, all the week to be full, Karen Mok call "fun" in this exciting scream in the game, Xu Jiao and Sheenah to never again. Two at the same time, starting from the landslide, desperately Niang Sheenah teeth ahead, two dimensional girl Xu Jiao also followed by two people to arrive at the point almost at the same time, Sheenah does not stop, struggling to answer, and Xu Jiao also seize the time to compete with Sheenah, eventually Sheenah slightly ahead of a second, take the lead, slide sand is too exciting, let Sheenah suddenly "amnesia", forget the questions on the board, Carina Lau for water, but Yuan Hong won, Sheenah said: "I can not help but laugh at this is three seconds memory." At this time Xu Jiao immediately seize the opportunity to answer questions in the question correctly, for his team to get a score. Sand skiing game process can always let the innumerable twists and turns, the unexpected guests. "The game" Sheenah in the two duel with Xu Jiao was accidentally hit Waterloo, two dimensional girl Xu Jiao in this episode "game player" mode on the line, a super game skills. In this issue of the program, the skills of the two dimension of the young girl Xu Jiao will bring what相关的主题文章: