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"We have come to the" Sichuan Opera puppet variety Angie Chiu Carina Lau Jing – Sohu   entertainment; guests at " " Sohu Entertainment – "we have come to the Chengdu Railway Station" the first phase of the program will be Chengdu’s delicacy culture and historical culture reveal the most incisive, this week’s broadcast of the second phase of the program, guests will experience "Sichuan puppet" in this ancient drama drama performances. After the end of the puppet show, intimate program group for ten guests prepared a special gift – according to the guests have played the classic image of the puppet made. The puppet looks lifelike, vivid, head, hands can swing with the line of action, Hantai cute, lovable. Sichuan puppet Spitfire stunt face shocked four people came to a hall of Chengdu academy, Wang Han a "hero, you please everyone" ha "boxing" sound responded. At this time, only three actors played, holding hands in Sichuan Opera Face clothes puppet, Carina Lau shouted: "face!" The speech has become red Puppet by blue, all the guests are terrified, shouted: "good magic!" Has been full of mysterious Sichuan opera face, with the speed of change, the action of the ingenious, and many tricks for facebook. Sichuan puppet opera by deep impact, so the performance is up to face change unpredictably, reach the acme of perfection. Angie Chiu, the goddess of the wonderful performance, was full of curiosity, and said in surprise, "it’s not clear to be so close!" Show to the end, three puppet show Spitfire stunt, shocked four, attracted guests applauded continuously, screaming. The classic image of the puppet show guests surprise Sichuan puppet show is just a warm-up, the real surprise is still behind. After the performance of the show, the theater owner came out and said "special gift" for each guest". The guests were full of curiosity, what will come out waiting for the curtain, I saw a puppet leisurely and dressed in white, Xi Mengyao Xianshengduoren, shouted: "my wife!" The puppet manipulation behavior unexpectedly and slowly turns around, "White Snake" as like as two peas 100% similarity. Then there are all the guests to the classic image appeared one by one, among them, Captain Yuan Hong’s "Thirteen God" image has long been popular, and his image of the puppet Yuan Hong praise: "exactly the same as I was wearing costumes!" At the same time, the puppet also imitate thirteen elder plait handsome handsome appearance is not lost, Yuan Hong himself. Each puppet debut, guests can call the first time who is the puppet, only Jiang Yiyan and Xi Mengyao let the guest has puppet guess, what is the image of the guests was consternated, let out? Also in the Hunan satellite TV on Friday 20:20 "we are coming" program to find the answer!相关的主题文章: