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Home-and-Family According to the latest report, with the development of peoples living standards, childrens requirement for high quality toys correspondingly improved. On the other hands, nowadays, there are too many toys manufacturing enterprises, including the large scale enterprises and small size enterprises, top quality toys manufacturing enterprises and poor quality toys manufacturing enterprises, whats worse, some bad toys products can still be found in toys market. Based on such condition, some professionals who pay more attention on the consumer interests said that in order to buy top quality toys for children, it is better to buy toy in large scale shopping center with good reputation, secondly, it is necessary to ask for purchase invoices, finally, save the invoice documents and toy packaging, especially the expensive and precious toy products. It is the good phenomenon that more and more consumers awareness of rights have been improved and when buying kids toys, lots of consumers have their own principles and standards, which of course is a good thing. Principles about how to choose top quality kids toys summarized by experts are introduced below, if you are interest in this topic, please read the following article. Firstly, all the kids toys in toys market should have the mandatory product safety certification, when buying toys, consumers need to be careful to find such certification mark on toys package. Secondly, when buying toys for little babies under one year old, parent should be more careful about the small size accessories contained in toys or toys package. For example, the sound of toys should not be too loud, there should not be sharp edges and corners on wooden toys and so on. Thirdly, almost consumers dont have the ability of professional accreditation, however, they should have a certain ability to distinguish top quality toys and poor quality toys. For example, they can feel the toys color, touch feeling, smell, cleanliness condition and so on. Fourthly, after buying top quality kids toys, you must be more careful on toys products which can be cleaned and tidied easily. Take the cut stuffed animals for example, if they are not cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, it is easy to lead to skin diseases and other safety problems. Finally, even parents buy the top quality toys for children, they should know that not all the high quality toys are suitable for every children at all ages. These toys which are beneficial to children intelligence development and accord with their interests and characters can be considered as the top quality toys. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: