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Unitoll authority and the 3 operators in the statement: the end of the month before the implementation of real name system – 100% edition the author information times reporter     Liu Yuxiong calls the "real name system" issued an ultimatum! Following the inspection regulation of telecommunications fraud work last month Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, the national organization of the provincial people’s Congress, yesterday, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Huang Yebin once again led the team to inspect related work. It is reported that the current Guangdong telecom operators real name registration rate has exceeded 99%. For the remaining users real name registration, the provincial communications authority and the three operators were clear: before September 30th 100% for implementation, not the implementation of the phone number will be shut down within 90 days, do not fill the true information registration number will be cleared of all users of virtual operators is no exception. Three operators real rate of Guangdong mobile by the end of September 25th, with 100% customers in the real name, not real name customers have been shut down in Guangdong Telecom as of September 25th, the user real name registration rate of 99.7%, the remaining hundreds of thousands of users if not real name registration, will be shut down before the end of September batch of Guangdong Unicom as of September 23rd, 99.2% of users have real names then, not the real name registration will shut down all registered users real information do not fill within 90 days, the number of data will be cleared in September 30th deadline last month is the real name of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee organized inspection found that there are about 2000000 Guangdong telecom users is not the real name registration, the phone is not the real name registration of telecommunications fraud risks. NPC deputies concerned about the problem, the three operators had promised to achieve real name system before the end of the year. However, people’s Congress are not satisfied with this schedule, continue to supervise. A month is about to pass, the relevant work progress? In yesterday’s inspection forum, Guangdong Telecom, Guangdong mobile, Guangdong Unicom, the three operators as well as the Provincial Communications Authority were related to the latest progress of the work report. Deputy general manager of Guangdong mobile Ling Hao said that as of September 25th, Guangdong mobile users have achieved in the use of customer 100% real name, not the real name of the customer has been shut down. Before we shut down about 4000000 users, the recent closure of the total of about 3000000, shutting down a total of about 7000000 users." Guangdong Telecom deputy general manager Xu Cong said that at the end of August, Guangdong telecom users real name registration rate of 96.24%. As of September 25th, the real name rate increased to 99.7%. "The rest of hundreds of thousands of users, if not real name registration, we will stop in batches before the end of September." Guangdong Unicom deputy general manager Chen Mengchang said, as of September 23rd, China Unicom users 99.2% of the real name system, will be in strict accordance with the requirements in September 30th 100% before the completion of the real name registration, not the real name registration will be shut down. After the shutdown has not yet been added to the real name of the personal identity of the user, the three operators have said that within the next 90 days do not fill the information users, the number of data will be cleared. The National People’s Congress asked the number of virtual operators have to name all before September 30th? Virtual transport.相关的主题文章: