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U.S. media: Although Trump was elected to the Philippines will continue to move closer to China original title: America Media: Although Trump was elected to the Philippines will continue to move closer to Chinese [Global Times special correspondent in Philippines Zhao Long Chen Xin]   "while Trump was elected president of the United States, Duthel Te will continue to take Philippines to Chinese closer, Bloomberg News reported in the United States 11 said that the Philippine President Duthel Te day said at a press conference," I will continue to pursue my mind. Philippines will continue to maintain partnership with China and other ASEAN countries. I did not break the habit of." He also stressed that the U.S. presidential election results will not affect Philippines’s foreign policy. Because of the character style similar to Trump, during the campaign, Mr Duthel Te has been known as the Philippine version of the". According to the 11 Philippines ABS-CBN news network reported that in his hometown of Davao City held a news conference on the same day, Walter refused outside he and Trump in the same breath: "I just a little dust on the planet, and he is the world’s strongest country president. I’m just a president who struggles to get out of the water." Duthel Te also said that he and Trump have in common is that we have a common passion for national service". In addition, he said he would abide by the "friends" and "allies" of the United States Defense Treaty, but still hope that foreign troops before his term of office to leave his country. The "Philippines star" said on the 11, and the United States had threatened to "Duthel Te recently in part company each going his own way" to treat the attitude of the United States seems to be eased slightly. Said he met with local Philippines overseas Chinese in Malaysia recently, do not want to quarrel with the United States, about congratulating President Trump, he also said he and Trump’s "parallel" is one of the love of swearing. Reported that, in the eyes of observers, Trump and Du Du are through the promotion of populism came to power, they are anti establishment. Two people also known as exaggerated words, said in the election will be a huge change in foreign policy. President Duthel Te to take Pro foreign policy, is to deal with the possibility of the election of President Trump, President of the Philippines, said a spokesman for the office of the Arab Israeli 11, said Bella. According to Philippines, "Manila bulletin" reported that a Bella at the press conference cited the country’s social and economic planning minister Pernia said the establishment of more friendly relations between Duthel Te’s visit to China in October and China, to ensure that when the United States turned to more conservative, Philippines has to rely on the safety net China "". Philippine Rappler news network 11, said Pernia half jokingly said, perhaps President Duthel Te has the ability to predict, can be expected to elect the president of the United States, and therefore decided to invest in china." Reported that Trump has been referred to as the Philippine terrorist states, and promised a more stringent control of immigration policy, to create more jobs for the American people. This idea may affect the Philippines workers working in the United States, their foreign exchange income is an important pillar of the Philippine economy. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: