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Transposition action more exciting   it can "three" open Xuandong test — game original title: "this can be more exciting transposition action is three" official opening test Yiqijuechen power sweep Xuandong flags, before world power cap three! In September 12, 2016, the new action card "can it Mobile Games three" officially opened Xuandong test, Android client is now at 360, UC, Baidu, millet, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, Jin, Lenovo, cool ten large open platform download. "This can be very three" by the ladder to create mutual entertainment, game player to bring a different gaming experience. The original transposition action gameplay, a subversive experience; the five step to kill, make blood; more adorable Q generals, funny story, extreme micromanagement, changeable combined and generous welfare DEDECATES hit open test. This can be very "Three Kingdoms", really! The first action card open three new transposition experience as on the subversion of the past the card game experience of the product, it can be "three" pioneered "transposition action gameplay, game player control role in the running for a limit, and all are equipped with special skills, whether it is a dam at the changban shocked the world of Zhang Fei, or win glory in battle with God Wu Guan Yu, or seven into seven Cao Ying into a place where there is no one Zhao Yun, have been the new interpretation here, and bring a new feeling. A lot of sprint, dizziness, crit, special BUFF elements added, also make the situation changing, Losers are always in the wrong. is often in an idea, "the Three Kingdoms"! Can very elaborate picture in the same way ahead in the game, not only brings the color gamut vivid, with precise color rendering technique, make the game performance hierarchy, flowers and grass are true to life. The generals made using the Spine framework, clarity, brightness, color can be well reflected. The card game is unable to appear super combat and cool effects also show was fantastic. Rich gameplay design to fun games more funny fun story with a relaxed atmosphere, people grow inadvertently, avoid leveling endless pain. My life not by my day, a new challenge to the strength of strong game player destiny, guards change it is no longer a dream. The blood beast attack, such as barbarians play magic Court Arena, and field battle, will bring you back to the Three Kingdoms, witnessed the scenes of courageously fight. The game also uses the leading audio technology, the fiery background music, brave and strong against the battle cry effects were much more realistic, let the game player telepresence to become stronger, to further enhance the game experience. The open test struck everyone is a winner in life and welfare during the deleted file test, it can be "three" hot line 13, sent to visit the three famous, return 200% gold, wonderful Rotary welfare activities dizzying, and God, gold, and the real reward is best way out and walk in the game. Don’t miss this sentence, passing the true saying again get the most favourable certification! In order to return all the warriors support, it can "three" will also cross)相关的主题文章: