Transition Of Pakistani Music-govos

Music Pakistani musical traditions have magnificent changes in the past ten years. With modern media such as satellite and cable television, the music video has taken centre stage in the visual world of many Pakistani music consumers. Undoubtedly, this is a cultural consequence of technological change in a globalized economy. However the music video is resulting from very elaborate studio production, especially since the advent of digital audio and video technologies. In Past, Music was known for GHAZALS, Folk, QAWWALIS, and Classical in Pakistan. But In 21st century, Pakistani Music revitalized itself to become Modern and popular among new generation. Today it is blend of Classical and Folk with western sounds to be known by different names like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, etc. It was first Ahmed Rushdies song KO-KO-KORINA that has given introduction of pop music in South Asian Region. In early 80s Hassan Jahangir who gained international fame for his single pop song HAVA HAVA often regarded as first pop musician. Nazia and Zohaib Hassan were also very famous as pop musicians in 80s. Nazia Hassan, along with her brother Zohaib sold over 60 million records worldwide. By having huge successes in solo pop music it has attracted young generation to make repute in groups, this was the time when 1st Pakistani Pop band came into music world. It was Vital signs Pakistani Pop Rock band formed in 1986. This was the 1st Pakistani pop rock band that has established a milestone for the modern music in Pakistan. They were given the title of "pioneers of pop music". This was the band that has used 1st time Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drummers, and Keyboards. In 1990, another pioneer of Sufi Rock band called JUNOON has established. This Band 1st time introduced Sufi Rock in Pakistan due to that it had become most successful Band of Pakistan. Q magazines and New York Times regarded JUNOON the biggest band of the world and the U2 of Pakistan. Pakistan music industry has spread steadily and many of the solo artists in 90s joined music industry to show their talents, many of the famous names for example, Abrar ul Haq, Shehzad Roy, Jawad Ahmed, Hadiqa Kiyani, Najam Sheraz, Sajjad Ali, Ali Haider, have made major contributions in different genres. As time passed Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and other genres have been introduced in Pakistan. In 2000 internationally acclaimed pop rock band Strings were introduced with their super hit album Duur. Strings are acclaimed all over the world for their stringed rhythms. In 2001 Pakistani Rock band called Fuzon was introduced. The band is stylistically different from others. The Band Born out of diverse western pop/rock and eastern classical influences. In 2002 another pop rock band called JAL has formed. They achieved fame by releasing single song called ADAT after which lead vocalist, Atif Aslam, left the band and was replaced by new vocalist Farhan Saeed. Another Band called NOORI was one of the pioneering rock bands. The band is known for its hard hitting impact in a multitude of interactive experiences, be they audio-visual, live, interpersonal or internet based. Afterwards many solo artists and Bands in recent 10 years have joined music industry. Some of the famous singers and bands are Ahmad Jahanzaib, Aaroh, Call, Mizraab, Mekaal Hassan Band, Saleem Javaid, Adnan Sami, Fakhre Aalm, Fakhir, Haroon, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, etc. Today’s music demonstrates another striking change in Pakistani music culture; the majority of pop musicians have little or no interest in classical music as source material for their music because they simply have not learned the basics. The young generation with only a few lessons in western tonal harmony and rhythm are focusing on the latest technologies of electronic musical instruments and digital audio editing. ..lahorejazz../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: