Tourism products ranked first in the Swiss online shopping goods

The Swiss tourism products ranked first online shopping commodity Xinhua Geneva November 15th news (reporter Shi Jianguo Ling Xin) according to a market survey released 15 Swiss media, an online shopping at least more than half of the Swiss monthly, tourism products ranked first online shopping consumer goods. According to the joint investigation of tens of thousands of consumers in Switzerland Zurich applied science and Technology University and the Swiss post, Swiss consumer online shopping goods, tourism products in the first row, followed by books and audio-visual products, all kinds of event tickets and clothing and footwear etc.. When asked about the main reason for the choice of online shopping, 85% of respondents believe that online shopping is not Business Hours limit, 82% said more easily in the online selection of merchandise, 81% think delivery is very convenient, there are 47% of the respondents said online shopping goods cheaper. In recent years, the rapid development of online shopping in switzerland. Statistics recently a "Swiss online mail order market report" shows that in 2015 the Swiss e-commerce market transactions amounted to 6 billion 450 million Swiss francs (about 44 billion yuan), an increase of 8.5% compared to 2014.相关的主题文章: