There are mobile phone with 810 snapdragon Processor HTC new machine alternative route (video)-running man 20130908

There are mobile phone with 810 snapdragon Processor? HTC new machine take the alternative route Tencent digital news (compiled: Guti) from 2010 to 2012, HTC has been a relatively successful series, which is named after the Evo version. Including HTC Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Evo 4G LTE, etc.. Now, this classic Evo name seems to be re enabled, and is not the exclusive operator before Sprint. According to the great God broke Evan (or @evleaks Blass) said, HTC Bolt new machine of the international version will be named HTC 10 Evo, and this new machine will soon officially released. The HTC 10 Evo will also be the first of its 3.5mm HTC headset interface design products. Although the official HTC and confirm the existence of this Bolt, but on the configuration of this new machine has been exposed a lot. The new machine seems to maintain the same level with HTC 10, including 5.5 inches display. However, it is uncertain whether 1080P or QHD (1440× 2560 pixels) resolution. In addition, HTC Bolt will be preloaded with Android 7 Nougat system, 3GB running memory and 64GB storage space, as well as 18 million pixel main camera and 8 million pixel front camera. Strangely, the core processor will last generation flagship Qualcomm snapdragon 810. It is reported that the operator Sprint will be officially released this month, HTC Bolt, while the international version of the HTC 10 Evo will be released when it is not yet determined. If you are interested in this new machine, you may wish to continue to focus on. HTC Bolt appearance exposure Kodak will release second models of mobile phone source: phonearena recommendation: focus on digital Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat official, take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. OPPO new machine is not configured to rely on it? Why don’t you change your daily underpants? Samsung is strictly prohibited leaked Note 7 explosion video? The hammer conference site 10 thousand people attempted "kill"? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章: