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Take 9 pieces of women’s health insurance card prescription and then sold the cumulative amount of more than 16 with 9 friends and relatives to the hospital medical insurance card dispenser, in the proportion of self pay little pay for drugs, then drugs will be sold to a drug dealer. Since April this year, Minhang District Wang Xing nvzai accumulated brush Medicare card to buy drugs up to more than 16 yuan, 5 yuan amount of ego. Recently, the Minhang public security bureau detachment of food and Drug Investigation Brigade cracked the case of fraud Medicare fund. In October this year, Shanghai Minhang District Public Security Bureau received medical insurance office found the alarm, Wang Xing nvzai insurance card since April this year, the frequent use of Medicare card dispensing, check the list of drugs, with the drugs was beyond the normal amount, even some resistance at. The police visited Paimo, starting from April this year, the Wang Xing nvzai every three days to go to the hospital dispensing, kept the rotation of hospital pharmacies in Minhang almost all available Medicare card dispensing size hospitals, with the drug again within six months. Through access to surveillance, the police found the woman at the time of purchase, holding the hands of a health insurance card, the abnormal behavior suspected of illegal cash use of medical insurance card. In October 24th, Minhang Public Security Bureau police detachment food and drug investigation unit in the area of Huaping Road police station together in action, Wang again when dispensing, in Minhang Bijiang Road community hospital will be arrested on the spot. According to Wang confessed, because of its long addicted to gambling, very tight on hand. From the beginning of April this year, she to help the person dispensing "excuse succession from the relatives and friends gather hands Medicare card 9, Wang with the health insurance card in Minhang areas of hospital pharmacy dispensing, then the drug at a low price for resale to Yaofan, obtain the difference from. Currently, Wang suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention. The hospital "ghost" fraudulent insurance card case: toll right pick up health insurance card password fraudulent (the video for extension.) Use your finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: