The United States strategic bombers flew over South Korea warned North Korea; analysis of obvi-clazziquai

The United States   strategic bombers flew over South Korea warned North Korea; analysis of intentions clear military — Yonhap quoted the country’s more than 21 government sources as saying that North Korea to conduct a fifth nuclear test the Fenxi nuclear test site in second trenches and has the potential for a new round of nuclear test third trenches the entrance were set up large camouflage net. North Korea may soon conduct its sixth nuclear test. South Korea "Culture Daily" said 21 days, the South Korean government and experts have predicted that North Korea is likely in October 10th the Korean labor party, before and after the nuclear test or launch of a long-range rocket. Some analysts believe that the reason why North Korea to accelerate the development of their own countries to combat nuclear deterrence in the United States, is to direct negotiations with the next U.S. government to freeze its nuclear facilities in exchange for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in South korea. South Korean National University professor Liang Maojin believes that once the Security Council sanctions resolution, North Korea may conduct a sixth nuclear test or launch a long-range rocket. According to South Korea, "Central Daily News" 21 reported that the U.S. B-1B bomber flew over South Korea dispatched again on the same day, and landed on the USFK mount the base. Analysts said the United States to the Korean Peninsula to launch strategic bombers intended to use force to warn North Korea: in the event of an emergency can be carried out immediately to combat North korea. According to the Korea Niuxi Si news agency reported that the South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu 21, said Han Jun is planning to set up special operations forces, the eradication of the North Korean leadership in the event of an emergency "". (Wang Wei) (Huang Zijuan, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: