The two men during the National Day we all thought civet poaching holiday 4000dy

The two men during the national day of poaching civet we are on holiday that day, Hubei Yunxi County Public Security Bureau police station on duty in the relocation process, arrested two illegal hunting personnel rescued two national key protected wild animal civet. In the morning, the police on duty on the road, found a blue two wheel motorcycle near the duty point, see the police quickly turn on the road duty, along the road to the three Guan Lin Yun three direction for speeding. Police immediately contact the police on duty at the front of the bayonet, culminating in the three District of the Guan Lin bayonet two motorcycle stopped. There are two people on the motorcycle, the man driving a motorcycle off after hesitated, said he did not have a driver’s license, driving a U-turn to escape punishment. Police see another man wearing a blue coat with a snakeskin bag, then ask the bag open, the original, which contained two national key protected wild animal civet. After understanding, two people are living in Yunxi County, hometown of Hua and Wang, thinking of the National Day holiday holiday related functional units, will take the opportunity to go to three Guan Lin District netted two civets, the purpose of this trip is to want to be in the hands of the civet pull to the county to sell. Motorcycle driving China to see police questioning, he pretended to have a driver’s license, the police attempt to divert attention, in fact, a driving licence in his pockets. Because Hua and Wang illegal hunting of national key protected wild animal, in violation of the "wild animal protection law" the relevant provisions, at present, the case has been handled by the Yunxi County Forest Public Security Bureau, the two will be released into the wild civet. (correspondent Chen Lichao, Zhang Jie)相关的主题文章: