The Supreme Law the debtor has been restricted to take the plane 4 million 700 thousand passengers-reshacker

The Supreme Court has restrictions dishonest debtor flying 4 million 700 thousand passengers – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, nine departments in the bidding of the debtor promises to implement the joint press conference held today discipline. Meng Xiang, executive director of the Supreme People’s court said that as of August 31, 2016, a total of dishonest debtor to take 1 million 550 thousand people on the train; by plane for 4 million 705 thousand passengers. Meng Xiang introduced the Supreme People’s court to carry out Joint Disciplinary work in information sharing and dishonesty, the dishonest debtor list system as the carrier, to the construction of national social credit system of the inter ministerial joint meeting as a platform to actively participate in the national development and reform led by "credit Chinese" website construction and the national credit information sharing platform construction, take the initiative to the relevant departments and units to push information dishonest debtor list. Strengthen the implementation of the linkage mechanism, the formation of the debtor’s credit punishment for dishonesty. First, with the railway, civil aviation sector linkage. June 18, 2014, July 1st, China railway company, China aviation information Network Inc officially launched the restriction of the debtor promises to buy train soft sleeper tickets and airline tickets. Starting at 0:00 on August 25, 2015, China Railway Corporation increased restrictions on high-speed rail and other motor vehicles more than one seat. As of August 31, 2016, a total of dishonest debtor to take the train 1 million 550 thousand passengers; take the plane 4 million 705 thousand passengers. Two and the people’s Bank of China credit center linkage. The people’s Bank Credit Information Center China explicitly list of dishonest debtor information into the credit system in the relevant working rules, making enterprise and personal credit report, the list of dishonest debtor information integration to debtor credit files, and the credit report to financial institutions and other units to provide. Three and the China Banking Regulatory Commission, banking financial institutions linkage. Jointly with the China Banking Regulatory Commission to carry out the investigation and control of the network and credit discipline, limiting dishonesty debtor in the national financial institutions loans or credit cards. Since 2013, the Supreme People’s court and the 21 national banking financial institutions network enforcement and information sharing signed a memorandum of cooperation, the dishonest debtor in important business bank application strictly examine and take corresponding measures to control and limit. Four and the State Administration for industry linkage. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce shall be responsible for the legal representative, directors, supervisors and senior managers of any company in the country. As of August 31st this year, the national industry and commerce, market regulators have been limited to dishonest executives as various types of business executives more than 6.6 passengers. Five and the Internet electricity supplier linkage. And Taobao, Jingdong and other Internet electricity providers to cooperate, will be dishonest debtor list information as an important indicator of evaluation into the credit rating system, the use of information technology means to expand the influence of dishonesty data. Limit dishonest debtor high consumption behavior on the internet. Meng Xiang said that the Supreme People’s court and the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of transport, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of public security national identity card number query center, the national organization.相关的主题文章: