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Games St. Nicholas has become synonymous with Santa Clause; but St. Nickolas was a real man with his own unique life story. He was born in 270 AD in a Mediterranean port city, in ancient Greece. His parents were affluent and Christian. Young Nichols followed the family religion earnestly, observing all the ritual fasts and every orthodox requirement as a child. When his parents both died from an epidemic, his life changed forever into the direction of his holy life and destiny. He was raised by his Uncle, his namesake, who was the Orthodox Bishop of Patera. At still an early age he became a clerical reader of religious texts and adopted the tonsured haircut associated with his religious devotion. He became a priest in early adulthood, and spent time at a monastery his uncle had founded. In time, he became the Bishop of Myra Demre, in what is now Turkey. St. Nicholas remains the patron saint of * Greece * Sailors * Merchants * Thieves * Prostitutes * Students He died on December 6, 343, which is celebrated as his feast day. Many miracles were credited to St. Nicholas earning him the name Nicholaos the Wonderworker. One story of his generosity that associated St. Nicholas with modern Christmas tradition concerns a poor man with three daughters. Without a dowry to provide them for marriage, they would likely remain without husbands and become prostitutes to support themselves. Knowing the man and his family as good, pious people, St. Nicholas helped them by providing a bag of gold coins, anonymously, for each daughters dowry when the girls became of marriageable age. When the last daughter was old enough, she had washed her stockings, and being wintertime, had dried them by hanging by the fireplace. St. Nicholas dropped the bag of coins down the chimney, and they landed inside one of the stockings. The girl found them on awakening the next morning. The generous priest was also said to leave coins in the shoes of people that had left them out for him as an act of kindness. Leaving shoes outside to receive gifts remains a Christmas tradition in France and Germany. The most intriguing story about St. Nicholas is that his remains produce a liquid with curing properties. Called myrrh, it is still collected and is available from his church in Bari. A modern miracle generated from this venerated and saintly man. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: