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The "Star Trek" 3 new special exposure ship grew up through the 50 years of friendship vice – Sohu entertainment "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" Kirk and captain Spock mate relationship special Sohu entertainment news "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" the film side released captain Kirk and the mate relationship Spock person special help depth review of the fans "the whole universe strongest partner" in the film the passion.     friendship grew up through the 50 years of ship portrait together again from 1966 "Star Trek" original series, Captain Kirk and the mate Spock brotherhood by fans relish. A former captain of the son of a Vulcan and earth hybrid, a bold and uninhibited, a rational and calm, so two personal background personalities, they help each other in a life and death task, the achievements of the enterprise, the glory of. As the film they lift in the dialogue, Kirk said: "we will be a good partner", "full of logical thinking Spock" after, give a positive answer. Even if you did not read the previous work, it will not affect the fans to accept the partner’s set, the story from the story of the new five year voyage began, relatively independent. At the same time to fully show the two of them in the character and the ability to complement each other, but also through the clever plot set to let the two people after the war deeper friendship. Mutual support from desperate spirit Spock if captain Kirk is the core of leadership of the whole enterprise, then the necessary conditions for Spock in the action and spiritual support and Inspiration of Kirk which is successful. In the episode, Spok was seriously wounded, Kirk in bedside care, but on how to escape the helpless, asked: "what do we do now, we have no ship, no crew, almost no chance of winning." "That’s what we’ve been doing, Jim. Look for hope in the impossible." After the final battle of the city of York, Spok will save Kirk, Kirk confided: how can I do without you, Spok." The best screen partner not only on behalf of the enterprise, fearless spirit of exploration, is the truth of the endorsement of brothers. "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" by successfully created "speed and passion" series directed by director Lin Yibin J-J- Abrams, executive producer, Simon Peggy and Doug Carl Jung, Co writer. The film brings together John, Simon, Peggy, Zhao Chris, Zachary Quinto, pine – sal Dana, Zoe Carle urban, Anton Eugene, Sophia Baote pull and many other stars at the Iran – Darius. "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" is 3D IMAX3D China IMAX formats in major theatres.相关的主题文章: