The Star in the Huang Xiaolei Home Furnishing interior exposed pink girl heart bursting – Entertainm sugus

The "Star" in the Huang Xiaolei Home Furnishing interior exposed pink girl heart bursting – Entertainment Sohu   the famous actor Huang Xiaolei Sohu entertainment news the evening of November 15th 22:00, from Anhui to build the all star Home Furnishing transformation life service program "in the" Eleventh star variety. The upcoming broadcast, famous actor Huang Xiaolei portrait of joining. In November 14th, a wonderful program footage released, not only for the first time exposure Huang Xiaolei Home Furnishing, daughter of flash treasure also surprise appearance, lovely bursting. Fragment, Huang Xiaolei Home Furnishing environmental exposure for the first time, and the accident is the surface of man Huang Xiaolei had quite a "feminine" home: not only receive goods clean, even the details are in place to take care of, all the more wardrobe by category containing label, dress, dress, pullovers…… Neat comparable clothing store. Not only that, Huang Xiaolei also exposes super love pink, in order to satisfy their own preferences more specialized decoration of a pure pink kitchen, the kitchen can hope more vitality, unexpected scene like call, "too young girl heart". More surprise is that the film Huang Xiaolei daughter flash treasure rare appearance. Flash is a small treasure age Reiki full, my mother found toys at the wrong place, turned and ran, leaving the mother in the sigh, the mother and daughter had lovely playful bursting, fun and interactive also laugh the audience. Guest site, Huang Xiaolei will bring interesting interaction? Please pay attention to the evening of November 15th 22:00 broadcast of Anhui TV "Star" in the variety.相关的主题文章: