The people of Jinhua to pick up the home when the medicine really has the effect of Ginkgo chompoo araya

The people of Jinhua to pick up the home when the medicine really has the effect of Ginkgo? Some time ago, ginkgo mature fall, Jinhua citizens Ms. Hu to drop the ginkgo pick to go home, after simple treatment, prepared as an antidote against the disease, edible herbs. But recently, she heard that these pharmacies selling with ginkgo ginkgo is not the same, can not eat, so, what is true? People pick up the fruit bag circle of friends sun ginkgo mature season has passed. Recently, Ms Wu in the WeChat circle of friends drying out the results of their earlier work, which is similar to a plum a full bag of things. According to Ms Wu introduced, these things are falling like a plum tree ginkgo ginkgo fruit, the reporter saw, the fruit is yellow flesh, looks relatively soft and waxy, like plum. Ms Hu said that there are a lot of Ginkgo biloba near her home, every time the ripe fruit fall into the season, she will pick up some home, after their simple treatment, as a medicinal food. "Remove outside ginkgo fruit pulp, which is what we usually eat ginkgo nuts." Ms Hu said. Then, she also drying out second pictures, after the second picture is the removal of the flesh, we often see the ginkgo, she is still the top mark, the moist effect of Yiqi ginkgo. This kind of thing can not eat, easy to poison, I heard that there is a child to eat this after poisoning, be careful, should not have any effect, for a moment, the circle of friends comments like fried pot. In order to make the circle of friends of friends sincerely convinced, Ms. Hu showed the trick, out of books. In the "efficacy of ginkgo, moist Qi, is a kind of medicine for relieving cough and asthma" description of the painted red. With the different effect of Ginkgo pharmacies are selling very little then picked up the fruit in the end can not eat? Reporters interviewed the city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy director Wang Guojun. According to Wang Guojun introduction, Chinese medicine is a Chinese medicine called ginkgo, ginkgo seed is mature. From the perspective of Chinese medicine medicinal ginkgo Gansu, bitter and astringent, flat. The most important is the first to be recognized that the effect is mainly used in the treatment of asthma, cough, asthma and other diseases. So people who pick up roadside ginkgo fruit through their own processing, the effect really is comparable with the pharmacy in the sale of Ginkgo? The answer is negative. He said, the roadside or park is picking the fruit as pharmacies selling ginkgo belonging to the same species, but can be quite different medicinal value. First of all, the gingko fruit before the medicine is very exquisite, to go through a lot of procedures of drying, processing can reach the standard of medicine, this is because the ginkgo seed especially embryo and cotyledon containing a small amount of ginkgolic acid, ginkgo and ginkgo alcohol and other toxic substances, these do not eat. Secondly, there are significant differences between the two on the head. Green ginkgo fruit head is relatively small, fullness is relatively low. The medicinal ginkgo fruit plump body, the head is generally relatively large." Wang Guojun said that Ginkgo biloba extract substances have certain benefits for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. But only to eat their own ginkgo fruit picking, the treatment is minimal. Because of toxicity pharmacy rarely sell according to Wang Guojun said, because of Ginkgo in Chinese medicine belongs to the toxicity of the illness, and not the man.相关的主题文章: