The new media summit held Chinese — Guangxi Channel – in Guangxi Hezhou

China new media heroes in Guangxi held in Hezhou, Guangxi channel — September 30 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Pang Jiping) September 30th, by,,, Hezhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly organized the 2016? Chinese (Hezhou) new media summit held in Guangxi Huang Yao town in Hezhou from around the country, new media elite, experts and scholars gathered in the first China longevity City, discusses the new media and the development trend of city brand marketing, new media sharing feast. The new media summit to "new media, new media ecology, heart of life — the integration and development and longevity of the city marketing" as the theme, from all over the country’s new media elite, experts and scholars, V red more than and 230 people attended the meeting, to discuss the development of new media, to discuss the development of the new normal under the new idea the media, trend and thinking of the interpretation of the 2016 new media environment. At the meeting, the school of Journalism and communication, Peking University President Lu Shaoyang, senior director of Tencent advertising center Ding, travel channel leave travel CEO Yan Yi, Sina political editor Xu Jing, tourism travel division study group founding team member Liu Shaohua, a travel network founder Liang Jiankun, Penguin TV Southern China district director Zhang Yani, Tencent SNG product development the design center director? And other guests were made "open the wisdom of tourism marketing a new era" "green" "how much the rise in tourism destination marketing war" deus ex "" "mobile Internet era of social media marketing" "Knight Island several small" target "under the new media environment of wisdom travel crowd strategy" "the penguin TV big screen Hezhou New Vision New Media Forum" program "is not like fireworks — when traveling in wisdom" theme play hardware Speak. Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, Communication University of China, Chen Changfeng, executive vice president of the New Media Research Institute Vice President Cao three, deputy editor Dong Mingjun, today’s headlines, headlines, marketing director Liu Chen, Chinese Youth Daily editorial Cao Lin, fashion travel blogger @Janice Jane and other large coffee, common on the number of technology driven marketing value innovation "and" new media + health "issues such as a roundtable discussion. The big coffee industry to explore the collision point of view, city marketing and new media friends, roundtable discussion LET radiation broader, more powerful and more unique views. Hezhou mayor Li Hongqing said in his speech, green ecology, health and longevity is the best wealth in Hezhou, the biggest advantage, the brightest brand. In recent years, Hezhou City, in-depth implementation of the strategy of ecological city, industrial city, open city, vigorously develop the circular economy and ecological economy, accelerate the growth of calcium carbonate and new building materials "two billion dollar industry, nurturing tourism, leisure and health and pension" four new forms of ecological health. "Out of a green development path. The just concluded the Fourth Party Congress of Hezhou, put forward the development goal of "rich life, development up, green rise", and strive to build calcium carbonate, new building materials and ecological health of the "three industrial clusters", started a comprehensive "ecological Hezhou longevity resort" brand, build the ecological protection and construction of national demonstration zone, national the combination of medical care pilot city, consolidate and improve the picturesque scenery)相关的主题文章: