The Mid Autumn Festival Concert played the Grand Theatre in Shanxi more than a thousand people into oembios.bin

The Mid Autumn Festival Concert played in the Shanxi Grand Theater thousand people into art galleries in Shanxi daily news (reporter Li Xiaofang) the evening of September 16th, the Shanxi concert hall, All seats are occupied. dance orchestra, playing the "puket" Mid Autumn Festival Concert played here. This is my province "cultural Huimin Huimin performances in Shanxi" activities of "long night", thousands of sanitation workers, miners and other ordinary workers and family into the province’s highest art hall, listening to the music. The concert in the national orchestral music "melodious music, perfect conjugal bliss" opened the prelude. "Dream dream" "chrysanthemum Taiwan" "beautiful myth" "Moonlight variation", "the moon represents my heart" and other classic songs one after another, fascinating, The tune lingered in the room. Thousands of front-line workers and family members to revel in the warm atmosphere, the whole family in perfect conjugal bliss. Jiantuan 54 years to show nearly 30 countries, world-famous province dance orchestra, the Mid Autumn Festival will be the most beautiful music, best wishes for the dedication to continue to shape the good image of Shanxi, Shanxi gradually realize the revitalization of ordinary workers silently. "Cultural Huimin Huimin performances in Shanxi" activities of "long night", is a normal cultural Huimin in our province to start performing activities, to show the high quality, high quality, low price performance art activities, adhere to the "first-class, first-class, first-class repertory theatre actor, best show, every Friday in the highest Art Theatre in Shanxi staged a boutique drama (Festival), promote public cultural service system in our province, improve and perfect, to guarantee the people’s basic cultural rights and interests, to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people. At the same time, also carry out various forms of public culture and art education activities, and strive to create a unique brand of public culture in our province.相关的主题文章: