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The Imperial Palace houses 9999 and a half of the beautiful "legend" – Li Youtang the Imperial Palace, how many houses? Once upon a time, there was a saying: "there are nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine and a half houses in the Imperial Palace!" But this is a beautiful legend". We first look at the legend: Liu Bowen had built the Beijing Imperial Palace, the emperor palace intends to build more and bigger volume to obtain, always feel that where the emperor lives should be very luxurious, otherwise it does not show the dignity of the emperor. That day, Liu Bowen came. Liu Bowen saw the emperor said: "long live the emperor, his last night had a dream, the dream of the Jade Emperor Hill called to the tower hall, the minister said:" you want to build the emperor palace, you tell him! Temple hall is ten thousand, the earth can not exceed the temple palace million. Would you please tell him to thirty-six King Kong, seventy-two evil to protect the earth can Fengtiaoyushun of peace, the Imperial City, you have to remember that. " The Jade Emperor with these words, he rushed over a white mist, it’s scared awake!" After listening to the emperor wanted to think, under the purpose of Liu Bowen called to build more than ten thousand. Liu Bowen arrived to do, it quickly spread in Beijing City, the old people are waiting to see how Liu Bowen how to build the palace, please thirty-six King Kong, seventy-two evil fairy to protect the palace. After a few days, Liu Bowen had done all the work. The emperor at the palace built by Bengtiyouduo 2290, the results really is not ten thousand to almost nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine half; look at the palace glittering, as if gods guarding. The emperor was getting more and more happy, for Liu Bowen, to sealed Jin Jue, also gave a lot of jewelry. The nations heard Liu Bowen asked evil gods seventy-two imperial protection thirty-six, King Kong, also not part of the crisis. Later, people know that the the Imperial Palace palace is nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine – thirty-six; God is the diamond Palace door stood thirty-six large gold cylinder; seventy-two trench seventy-two evil is the the Imperial Palace. In this way, the the Imperial Palace has a total of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine houses and a half of the legend! As for the "half", that is what we see today, on the west side of the stairs behind wenyuange. Say why so many nine". Ancient "Nine" is a lot of places. Such as the palace on each door is a nine bronze nail anyway. This is related to the ancient Chinese understanding of numbers. Ancient people think that "Nine" is the largest number, the emperor is the largest in the world, so we must use the corresponding "nine". "Nine" is a homonym for "long", meaning "permanent", meaning the country enduring as the universe will never change. Later people of the Imperial Palace is the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations since the Ming Yongle Palace, when first built in the late Qing Dynasty, great changes. After continuous expansion of the Ming Dynasty, the war during the late Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty destroyed, repair, construction and reconstruction. Now see wenyuange, Qianlong is built for the storage of "Shu", does not exist before. From the structural perspective, "said half of the establishment. There are two criteria for determining "inter". One is the "two for", namely the biped and.相关的主题文章: