The global tablet computer and mobile phone consumption more than 300 thousand tons of resources, le gamelink

The global tablet computer and mobile phone consumption more than 300 thousand tons of resources, recycling is less than half the Sohu – Science and technology 10, Greenpeace released with the German Institute of applied ecological Oeko Institut of the global electronic products (including intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer) report of energy and resource use of the manufacturing process, found that the total annual sales of more than 1 billion units and intelligent mobile phone the tablet computer, consumed more than 300 thousand tons of resources in the manufacturing process, including more than 40 thousand tons of aluminum used in the manufacture of shell, batteries can be found in more than 10 thousand tons of cobalt, accounted for nearly 10% of global output. The problem is due to the recovery efficiency of the existing technology and the poor, and the proportion of resources caused by the extraction of half less than consumption, these expensive resources has become the electronic waste pollution of the environment. According to statistics, in 2014 the number of global smart phone sales up to 1 billion 300 million, each cell phone contains more than 10 kinds of elements, the most common are gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, magnesium, cobalt, aluminum, etc.. But the light is Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) 4 million 300 thousand Galaxy Note is expected to recall 7 mobile phone, there are more than 20 tonnes of cobalt, 1 tons of tungsten, 1 tons of silver and 100 kg of gold, but because of the current problems in the recycling system, there may be many resources, such as tungsten, magnesium, gallium and tantalum, and part of the precious metals and rare earth elements will be lost in the process. Greenpeace global IT project director Li Zhian said: "the Note 7 recall after the disposal plan is to restore the image of the key to success of Samsung, Samsung must as soon as possible to open the final treatment plan, but should make the best use of deal the same types of products the opportunity to seek recovery methods or develop better, in order to increase the extraction efficiency of resources, recycling." 2014 fourth quarter smartphone sales of the top five brands were Lenovo (Samsung), apple (Apple), HUAWEI (Huawei), Lenovo and millet. In the mobile phone when it began to manufacture large consumption of precious metals and rare earth elements such as natural resources, electrical and electronic manufacturing industry fell 1/4 of global output of silver, not only impact on the environment, but also give rise to improper resource recycling, and the exploitation of mineral rights issues etc.. For example, 10% of the world’s Cobalt batteries used in mobile phones and tablet PCs, mostly from the Republic of Congo, the local mining conditions are extremely poor, and even the illegal employment of child labor. Li Zhian said: "the launch of a new product cycle is short and fast, will accelerate the deterioration of environmental pollution and illegal labor problems, manufacturers of innovative spirit should be put in the recycling economy mode, improve product design to improve the recovery of precious metals and rare earth elements, and prolong the life cycle." The report also mentioned that the product design ideal, at the outset to easy maintenance, parts may be used, the effective recovery of precious resources into product development, focus, and minimize the use of new materials to reduce the environmental impact of mining. According to IDC (international data information)相关的主题文章: