The Dante code mask Mystery Trailer Dante death mask hidden mystery (video)

"The Dante code" mask Mystery Trailer Dante death mask hidden mystery of "the Dante code" people notice Tom & #183; Hanks’s involvement in the hell Tencent entertainment news coming in October 28th and simultaneously released in North America 2016 annual burning brain IN adventure movie "the Dante code", today issued a "Mask" mystery trailer. As "the Da Vinci code" series sequel by Tom · Hanks’s professor Landon will face the biggest crisis in the history, not only suffered a double blow, amnesia and hallucinations at the same time, a series of human beings is threatening the lives of the puzzle more waiting for him to crack. Secrets, truth and crisis symbols hidden under the collusion, a puzzle of academic and humanistic thinking into adventure is about to open. Things are empty burning brain regeneration adventure "Dante tells the suspicions of password" around that virus launched a positive and evil battle, the release of the "Mask" riddle of the trailer shows that the complex traits come straight to the point, the battle between good and evil adds a sense of horror suspense. Who created the human plague virus as a biological engineer shiver all over though not cold billionaire, led the parties to compete, however dismal they ready to exactly what hidden behind, not to be divulged to? Virus crisis triggered at any moment. On the other hand, Professor Landon was assassinated in memory difficulties, in addition to crack in just 48 hours mystery man carefully designed Dante puzzle, but also to face the crisis of confidence in the history of the largest: everyone around her. Unknown surveillance video shows strange preoccupied by some troubles; Landon also the conspiracy of the participants, in his self doubt the way forward to find out the truth, trying to find clues to realize self salvation. Hell and illusion constantly flashed, everything, the true Landon faces, squandering charming eyes, this is precisely the trailer "everything is appearance" theme. At the same time, the trailer passing shootout, falls, bloody scenes, but also implies that this field to bet for life adventure. The academic brain burn Dante Dante "mask avatar puzzle film invitation code" adapted from the adult book – Dan · 2013 best seller; Brown novel "the hell", which, with semiotics, architecture, religion and cold knowledge Robert · Professor Landon charm continued to rage. The memory ability of gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, art history and careful observation of his hidden details, making the characters with immortal charm. The academic experience of Professor Landon in front of the opponent well-matched in strength, step by step the end of the crisis, "academic big coffee Landon in the exit he only besieged on all sides, the use of literature and Dante extraordinary reasoning ability to the emerging change danger into safety, Dante’s Trailer death masks, become the key clues to the puzzle of the academic field. This is a full of historical charm and exotic, and even some magical adventure will make the audience agonistic, unable to stop. It is reported that with the movie propaganda "Dante mask" is currently the National more than and 300 Wanda cinema, 6 shopping malls, Cade Mall joint exhibition, italy.相关的主题文章: