The crude oil will continue to vent, 10.24 crude oil asphalt operation 7470d

The crude oil will continue to vent, 10.24 We want you crude oil asphalt operation! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! This week the market review this week (October 17-21) crude oil market continued Monday, opened in 50.66 (crude oil 12) days, maintain 50-51 regional adjustment on Tuesday started strong, but announced Wednesday evening EIA trend is bullish this week to refresh the 52.22 vertices, prices high, Thursday is the limelight turn, due to the impact of the futures delivery, the bulls have profits, oil prices continued to fall since the early start, late into the bull is utterly routed, without any intraday rebound, the bears will continue to rage, before two days or taking all the exhausted, and Monday once again return to the horizontal position, Friday is also maintained 50.2-51 range adjustment. The market trend is fast, at 51.01 position; when Friday trading day charge two Yin Sanyang K, Zhou K line charge on the line. Next week, technical analysis, operational recommendations now crude oil contract 12, 5 Lianyang K of crude oil from the weekly and daily Bollinger Bands opening up, K line running on the 5 day moving average to the 10 day moving average bonding position, the battle for the 51 line, the breakthrough will have more space; 4 small lines, closing for the two big line, short-term moving average hook head upwards, bonding MACD near the zero axis, a low MACD MACD trend, KDJ, line 4 hours bullish, Zhou Zhejin believes that the primary concern of resistance near the 60 day moving average, homeopathy will Powei upstream, next Monday to short-term bullish trend is still short. In fact, the space above the rally is also limited $52 straddle is pressed above the cut-off point, is also relatively strong. So long as do more carefully, unless the market really is to directly recover more bold broken bits upward, then the outlook certainly need repair market shocks down, Zhou Zhejin suggested that the next week is still high. U.S. crude oil: $51.5 empty, stop 0.4 dollars, target to $-49 $50 (single and multiple single quotes are given according to the specific Powei crude oil, recently has been a high shock, Ritu have peaked trend, so long as does not break the high bold short can) crude oil asphalt list how to deal with the quilt 1, set high single investors can use the rally up or out of temper; once the market has changed, the quilt list immediately stop out, reverse Jiancang, compensate for the loss; 2, a single set of investors can wait temporarily, do not rush to cut orders, if the market opportunity, the quilt list may be appropriate to lighten up, according to the trend combined with the technical analysis of opening, make up for the loss; 3, low single investors Can use the pullback, release out, or bargain Jiancang; once the market has changed, the quilt list stop out, reverse Jiancang, compensate for the loss. Focus on Theory相关的主题文章: