The Commission should respect the professional Xie Baisan don’t play norton disk doctor

The Commission should respect the professional Sina App: don’t play Xie Baisan live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my Disclaimer: This article is a personal point of view and analysis of professionals in the capital market, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors this operation, at your own risk. [Xie Baisan] related reading: the capital market greatly hurt 140 million people love poverty alleviation by Xie Baisan: this time I support Chinese Commission sources of public number: Financial Street three new board Xie Baisan was making a fool of himself, Xie Wen at the last paragraph especially funny, boasting and national leaders of the relationship is not general, to appeal to. Most people will see Xie master in the play. However, the Commission is to blame, the positive energy of the people supervision to dare not speak, met play, not employees of securities supervision, to not be punished. Now the public opinion environment, stand up and criticize Xie Baisan, will make a show of the. Some people will call out, this guy is politically correct, Liu sb platform, kissing ass. Oh, in order to help the poor, in order to support the real economy in the capital market, in order to return the Chinese investors a truth, I would say. But it is not willing to give the Commission Liu someone site, so it is anonymous. The Commission should respect the professional Xie He said in the article, Xiao Gang was: registration system, fuse fucks, lever amplification; made a field of more than 5 thousand points to 2500 points in the stock market crash, is the essence of worship, worship of beauty with the world. Li De behavior, the bookworm behavior. The heart is not bad. This is only half right. At that time, Xiao Gang is not professional respect: the first is no professional respect in the fuse the proof, the west is to fuse small probability, A shares 5%, 7% of the two fuse threshold, is a small probability event in the A stock price in? Second do not respect public opinion management and public relations between these two professional. The fuse before talking, on the official website that is full of argument; after the fuse is self on the official website said, "the fuse…… Should be initiated by the parties concerned, the program has been carefully demonstrated and to the public for comments." This passage, the level of responsibility is too bad, no public opinion management of basic knowledge, public relations management confusion. At present, about poverty alleviation, in the capital market, this is no problem, in line with the needs of China’s development, in line with the needs of China’s capital market construction. But in public opinion management and public relations management, it is more low. The Commission is estimated to be over confident, not to communicate with the outstanding analyst, but also did not fully communicate with the media. The commission does not respect the analyst is consistent, either; and media communication, there is no planning, make a suggestion to find "BlueFocus consulting," to a professional program. It is a good policy, public opinion like this is drunk. Thank you sir, for the dirty water, poor areas to? You said, get some "rotten Lantian" to harm! You still have an article, the idea is backward相关的主题文章: