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The child was very distressed family nickname expert: no malicious line "because her daughter surnamed Xiong, usually also love bear, former classmates called her" happy bear ", now some naughty boys began to call her" big bear ", which makes her daughter very distressed." Yesterday, who lives in Changqing Garden, Ms. Huang complained to reporters. Name called "big bear bear bear love" Ms. Huang said, daughter in love bear, not only to choose clothes, stationery and other bear patterns, even her classmates send gifts, pick bear pattern, because the character is very cheerful, students initially called her "happy bear", she felt quite lovely. Recently, the class some naughty boys began to call her "big bear". My daughter is monitor, think this nickname for her in the class without authority, so some depressed. The reporter interviewed found in Jiangcheng primary school, many students have nicknames, some people even have five or six. Reporters noted that the children imagination is very rich, the nickname is to seize some features, according to some characteristics, but also some talk. A usually do not care about the students and the class of the students, we have been called "Mummy"; looks a little black, like a mushroom head student called "beggars small mushrooms"; wearing glasses, a Facebook angry boy called "dr."…… A primary school teacher said, children are the nickname reflects their innocent, curious, imaginative age characteristics, teachers usually go to intervention will not. Of course, some malicious nickname, the teacher will stop immediately." Good parents have some nickname, clearly disgusted foreign parents. "Some nickname although not malicious, but is not good." Changchun Street Primary School Parents Mr. Zheng said, he told her: "as long as the students call your nickname, you did not hear. It is only when you call your name that you respond with pleasure. If the name nickname is asked why you do not ignore, you justified to say ‘please call my name, "for a long time, will gradually disappear." Some parents disagree. A small Luo said Yucai parents, as well as a nickname classmates give children a resilience test. "I tell the child, nickname is not good, but people always want to grow up, can not Everything is going smoothly. important is set, state of mind, don’t take it too seriously. Time will dilute all. The more you care about others, the more you call, the more you do not care, they will feel boring, they gradually lost interest." The parents to see the teacher should guide the teacher to tell the child "usually, the nickname is not respect for students, especially some demeaning nickname means." Jianghan District Huangpi Street Primary School Principals Liu Sheng said, the teacher might nickname for students to carry out acts of debate, let the students through debate and reflection, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the nickname. "This is more effective than simply stopping it." Wuhan city academy vice president Zhu Changhua also believes that its blocking as sparse, the teacher approached the students, listen to the students, the students can accept the way, correct bad tendencies, lay the foundation for the healthy growth of students. "Such as" the excellent work on the topic "says some schools, the students look at what the advantages of" little painter "and" lark ", we are willing to accept,.相关的主题文章: