The beginning of the first collective land shed by the end of the year jessica rabbit

The first collective land shed started at the end of the first collective land shed at the end of the king of the village of Miyun District started 50 years ago, the Miyun reservoir immigrants to undertake one of the large number of villagers had to emigrate; it is also more than and 50 years, here has become the urban fringe, "industrial compound" in flow population, land sprawl. Two years ago, the king of the village penggai project began preparations for the "scalpel" not only towards the house, the villagers identity, industrial development and a series of problems, but also make it become Beijing’s first studio to change the project on collective land. Reporters from the implementation of the project is responsible for the operation of Beijing Zhuzong group was informed that the ten Li Ge Zhuang Bao Zhen Wang Cun shed control regulation has taken the lead to obtain the City Planning Commission approval, is expected to start construction by the end of this year. To solve the Miyun Reservoir Resettlement "legacy" in September 30th this year, "ten in Miyun District Zhuang Bao Zhen Wang shed land control detailed planning" was formally approved by the municipal planning and land authority. This is the king of the village shed to change the project brewing and preparation has been in the past two years. The second half of 2014, the ten in the brewing of Zhuang Bao Zhen Wang shed project. It has also become a determining city and district two levels of government in Beijing’s first suburb collective land shed reform pilot. The main implementation of the project total living green company chairman Cui Xueqiao explained, before this, Beijing penggai project are basically in the state-owned land, and this was the first king of the village project, to crack the problem of difficult as can be imagined. This project has done a good job, but also for the city’s vast collective land shed change experience. "The issue of history is older than I am!" Just learn to Miyun, Cui Joe head back into a village home, shocked Beijing and this shabby house: bare, dark, people live in fear is not strong. This is a historical event of default". 1958, the Miyun Reservoir construction plan finalized, after several consecutive villagers relocated to the surrounding areas, many of whom have emigrated to the village of wang. In the past 20 years, Beijing has become a microcosm of the combination of urban and rural areas: natural barbaric growth, the cover of the actual greenhouse has become an industrial complex; the village is not large, but gathered a large number of floating population…… Two years ago, the Miyun District decided to change the way to solve the problem of land through the shed. However, this land is no urban planning, no municipal facilities, there is no regulation, no land use planning, everything has to start from scratch. After two years, and finally completed a number of regulatory and other preliminary work, site selection and other work began to put on the agenda. Unlike in the past, this is not just the studio to change the project building, but through the PPP mode (government and social capital cooperation mode), Zhuzong group to become the operator of the subject, the government belongs to the regulatory authorities, and in the later operation but also to protect the interests of the people through a more market-oriented means. The villagers age can get pension money in a house, people are also facing the Loess back into the air? Village collective assets can take the opportunity to revitalize? There is no industry around, do you need to go to the city every day? The house is a big event, which led to a series of urgent need to solve the event". These days, Cui Xueqiao frequently run into the city, he is to solve ten Li Bao Zhen town thousands.相关的主题文章: