The all star team to help Sichuan building world-class university plustek

The all star team to help Sichuan building world-class university Sichuan online news (reporter Yang Fan) in September 28th, a gathering of many people from all over the world elite politics, science, business, to give advice and suggestions for development of Sichuan University, the Sichuan University International Development Strategy Advisory Council the first session of the first meeting, the meeting announced the development strategy of Sichuan University International Advisory Council was formally established, and published a list of the first members of the council. Why set up a Council? The establishment of the Council of Sichuan University coincides with the 120 anniversary of the establishment of the Council, why? This year, Sichuan University and Chengdu City, Sichuan province has signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a first-class university, and Sichuan University by the State Council as one of the first double demonstration base. Sichuan University ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development, but also challenges. How to speed up the pace of building a world-class university in Sichuan University, so that the development of the school building better ground to the world, facing the human, for the future? It is necessary for us to learn and learn from the experience of first-class universities at home and abroad. Further reading: Sichuan University and other institutions and the inventor can share the patent rights in Sichuan by 3:7 Arts Pingchang county first tuidang was continued: has been preliminary scheme of double top construction in Sichuan University admission shop selling illegal fake student card can do Sichuan and other 26 popular universities in Sichuan University Chengdu furnace unit compound will open the wall to open university the import and export of the all star team, Sichuan is building a world-class university opened the list of the first members of the council give advice and suggestions, called "luxury", including the world famous scientists, world famous university presidents, domestic and international dignitaries, world famous entrepreneurs. The Council attracted 18 world famous scholars, including Nobel laureate Ding Zhaozhong, winner of the Nobel prize in medicine JackSzostak, British Academy of Sciences and member of the European Academy of AlanMacfarlane, China academician Jiang song, Japan Academy of Engineering TetsuoShoji. Research in the field at the forefront of the world, will develop the new vision for the development of Sichuan University Academic research. The latest trends and methods in the Council of 10 Chinese and foreign famous university presidents will bring about efficient management and personnel training. Including Peking University President Lin Jianhua Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, academician of the Royal Academy of engineering, executive vice president of Zhejiang University Song Yonghua, fellow of the Royal Society of London, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences College of St. Edmund University of Oxford Dean KeithGull, Hong Kong Polytech University President Tang Weizhang, South Korea Woosong academy director Jin Shengjing. With the social development, in order to "double" education, the Council also invited 18 well-known entrepreneurs and activists, including the president of Mauritius AmeenahGurib-Fakim, former South Korean Prime Minister Han Shengzhu, a former French finance minister JeanStaune, former Vice Minister of Ministry of science and technology, former Vice Minister of education Chen Xiaoya, counselor of the State Council, former director of the National Energy Bureau Xu Dingming, the Hongkong Jockey Club Ltd. executive general affairs.相关的主题文章: